SurfEasy VPN Review (Good for casual users?)

It’s got live chat and email support, although this is only 9-5 EDT time but is 7 days a week. It had been more than 3 hours now again and I am not used to waiting for this much. With the increasing numbers of governments implementing censorship policies around the world, we felt compelled to test the ability of this VPN to bypass censorship. Though these may be widely used, they may not be the perfect fit for your particular requirements. The numerous VPNs available don't help. There are only two methods of paying SurfEasy. HateTechStuff I have full subscriptions and had issues connecting to devices when I purchase new phone and computer. Not bad at all.

This is quite a high number, though the top VPNs knock it out of the park with 1,000 servers plus, for example Torguard has 3,000. 99 most other VPN providers in the same league charge. Moreover, high-speed video calling and streaming are additional benefits you get with SurfEasy VPN.

  • All he said was OpenVPN should work because it’s the default – and if it isn’t, we’d need to reinstall the app.
  • However, it is available every day from 8 a.

The ad-tracker blocker is the only unique extra feature we found during our test. The wise thing to do would be to adapt the solution for your special needs, employee skill levels, finances, and other factors. The security measures on the client need some serious strengthening. While having this software running and ready to go at all times sounds ideal, keep in mind that background processes such as this one can also slow down your device, and may make it take longer to turn on. SurfEasy offers access to more than 1000 servers located in 28 world countries. Tunnelbear vpn review, plus, it allows you to use seven devices at once with its service. The other two plans are discounted, how? If you foresee yourself needing regular support, SurfEasy, unfortunately, does not make it easy.

  • Generally, it’s a costly service, and it’s even more expensive than Surfshark that’s way better in terms of performance.
  • Most of all, customers should feel confident in trusting a VPN service with their money.
  • IP leaks can be extremely damaging to your online security.
  • Connecting to The Onion Router (TOR) will redirect your traffic signals across many different relay points.
  • Our laptop connected to one of SurfEasy's U.
  • With this plan, you get the same great unlimited data and tracker blocking, as well as torrent protection and access to servers in an additional 12 countries.

P2P and torrenting

Company address: The fact that it has apps for all basic platforms is definitely an advantage of SurfEasy. You can contact the company’s customer support team in a few ways. It works by simply plugging it into a USB port. With AES 256-bit encryption working on your side, you won’t have to worry about data breaches or unwanted onlookers. “SurfEasy does not store users originating IP address when connected to our service and therefore cannot identify users when provided IP addresses of our servers”. At legal request, they will disclose your data, including your usage data. On the plus side, we didn’t experience any drops while testing SurfEasy, nor did we find any IP or DNS leaks.

Downloading and installing SurfEasy VPN is pretty easy, even if you’re not especially tech-savvy. Below you will find information about the key features that you can expect from the SurfEasy VPN. It will keep you anonymous online, but doesn’t do much more than that. You can’t see individual servers, only the country. Potential customers, you have been warned!

While it does limit the amount of data that can pass through the network on the free plan to just 500MB per month, it’s a great way to try out the service before purchasing it. SurfEasy is based in Toronto (Ontario, Canada), and it was acquired by Symantec in 2020. SurfEasy doesn’t provide manual settings for either the built-in protocols or OpenVPN. So, to put the prices in a simple list, it would look something like this: So here, they offer a free trial plan.

How much does SurfEasy cost?

SurfEasy as a Business

The worst part is that law enforcement agencies look completely unable to catch hackers and cyber criminals who perpetrate these cyber attacks. The starter package is the free version of the SurfEasy VPN and this will give you just 500MB of bandwidth that you can use on a monthly basis. Starter (free), Total, and Ultra. This function is available with the paid subscription only. 99/mo if billed monthly or $77. This is a brilliant way to spread their brand and gain more traction. For instance, they do not collect information about the assigned IP addresses and the visited web pages.

You won’t be able to pay for the VPN without providing your billing information and email. I was more leaning to getting IPVN/AirVpn until I found SurfEasy. Regardless of what operating system your devices use to run, Surfeasy VPN can be used on all of them even if they are in different locations. Once you’ve enabled the VPN connection, the VPN app will then prompt you that the connection is now secure and shows your current public IP address and the server location that you’re connected to. There are 28 countries to choose from in SurfEasy. We were surprised by such poor attention to details in such a vital section.

Although it’s no VPN giant, it manages to stand out in some areas. SurfEasy accepts the following payment methods: Don’t forget to turn off the VPN connection once you’re done, especially if you’re using a Starter VPN account with limited bandwidth. It was blocked, unblocked, then blocked again. The sad part is that SurfEasy had twice as many servers in 2020, and they haven’t added any countries since then, although their website optimistically says “28 and counting. Most of the freebies either cap your data usage or slow down your speeds, but some are quite generous and would be perfect for someone who travels a lot or often uses coffee shop Wi-Fi. Check out their list of servers to see just how much content you can potentially unlock.

SurfEasy takes the role of a VPN seriously, but doesn’t exactly match the top-level providers when it comes to security.

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Overall, these prices are reasonable, as you get a lot for your money. Designed specifically for those of you that want to download torrents, this feature makes it virtually impossible for your ISP to know that you are downloading torrents. And when a year later Opera started developing its own VPN, SurfEasy was sold for $50 million to Symantec, the largest Internet security company. The platform support of SurfEasy is not very impressive. The total discount for the Ultra plan works out to 46% off. This is where you’ll find a series of duplicate options (present elsewhere within this application), like the ability to auto-connect to a server, choose a country to connect to, and enable/disable features like ad tracker blocking and Wi-Fi protection. 99 with the monthly subscription or $6.

First, I tested the VPN on IPleak. Kindly keep in mind that if you bought the software via the App Store, you will need to directly go to them to get a refund. Because licensing restrictions plus Netflix’s newfound stance mean it’s getting tougher and tougher to stream your local content. All you need to do to get started is to download SurfEasy VPN for Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Amazon, Opera or Chrome.

The process is self-explanatory, and there are guides for setting up the VPN if you are a total nube (or want to get OpenVPN working on the third-party client, for example). Undoubtedly, they guarantee an uptime of 99. And these are the annual prices: Since a VPN provides a different IP address for your connection, you can avoid these issues. There are two main differences between Ultra and Total plan, the former supports torrenting and boasts 12 additional servers than the latter. A ‘Wi-Fi Security’ feature can automatically protect you as soon as you connect to an insecure wireless hotspot. Advanced users won't find much use thanks to the lack of customization, but VPN newbies should have no trouble using SurfEasy for safe web browsing.

Overall UX/UI

Responses were generally high quality, and staff were clear, helpful and honest. The wizard provides you with instructions for every new feature you encounter. We also found a TED talk in our test, and we really liked it as it’s a sign of the company’s commitment to this cause.

Unfortunately, you have to turn the VPN off before changing locations. The cost for this plan is $4. They also offer free VPN service, but their bandwidth is only set to 500mb which allows you use their software for only few hours. The number of servers a provider has and the location of the servers are also important.

All available on one of their priciest plans, of course. SurfEasy doesn’t have this feature (Arun from support didn’t know what it was, so no hopes of it being included in an update either). 56 Mbps for downloads and 12. Still, we occasionally make exceptions to our rule about avoiding VPN providers based in 5 Eyes, 9 Eyes, or 14 Eyes countries, though this is highly dependent on the provider’s logging policy.

Games Consoles & Streaming Devices

The process of installation seems simple enough and comes with no unwanted distractions. Opening a SurfEasy account works much like every other internet service in existence. Yes—Ultra customers only Business location: This SSL VPN service uses 128bit OpenVPN security for desktop and Android connections and a 256-bit IPSec connection for iOS devices. Of the eight regular VPN services we reviewed (plus Speedify, which deserves its own category), only Opera's unlimited browser "VPN" (it's really just a proxy service) performed worse than SurfEasy. You will not be able to take advantage of some of the more advanced features such as tracker blocking but will be able to use each and every server on the Opera VPN network. As a side note, we had no issues using SurfEasy VPN to watch BBC iPlayer during our earlier test but failed to stream any content this time. There were very little settings, no option to switch protocols, and overall the app was really buggy (and impossible to use if you have a high-contrast background on Windows).

Finally, there’s also an option to chat live with this VPN’s support team.

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To open SurfEasy you click on the icon and the interface pops up in the lower-right corner of the taskbar. It may seem to a potential customer that the product isn’t fancy enough to start using it. Here’s a quick look at their annual plan; the features are basically the same, you’re just going to save a whole lot of money paying upfront. Hotspot shield vpn vpn review & test 2020, the price is reasonable for what you get with Hotspot Shield, but there are also cheaper options out there. This is one basic VPN. This allows seamless internet connectivity and safeguards from possible internet attacks.

I have mentioned in this review that SurfEasy offers 500Mb of traffic per month with no speed limits. Configuring linux to access the it services vpn service using the cisco anyconnect secure mobility client. Their site claims that they don’t hang onto the following: If there was one way to get to the top of the VPN industry, apart from offering a secure VPN service, it would be through a customer support system that was always online. In terms of settings, the adblocker and wifi security are still there, but wifi security is turned off by default. SurfEasy is a nicely-packaged VPN targeted mostly at the privacy novice – people who want a hassle-free, reliable and easy-to-use service which just works. In terms of device compatibility, some praised it as ample since it includes browser extensions and an Amazon phone app. To sign-up for SurfEasy requires an email address, and those who wish to could use a pseudonymous email address.


This keeps annoying adverts from ruining your browsing experience. Most knowledgebases have a clear, separate set-up guide section. Laptop, Desktop, Mobile, Smartphone and Tablets. 7 best vpns for iphone in 2020, @MeanHash @matt_odell @nodl_it Yeah the got your ip address and found your location and stole it. This ensures that you don’t continue browsing without the protection of a VPN. You can download this service for Mac, Windows, OS X, Android, iPad, iPhone, Opera, Amazon, and Chrome.

It was different from other similar programs because it provided extra protection for private data (namely passwords, keys, etc.) However, one thing I didn’t like is that as soon as it started up it connected to the fastest server, without asking me first. 49/mo if you purchase it for a year. Yes, there were some servers which were a bit slower than the rest, but overall, the speeds weren’t the worst we have come across. In any case, just run the installer on your device and complete the installation process. And to choose a server, you need to click on the planet-like icon in the top-right corner. There are also extensions available for Chrome and Opera browsers.

Although (very few) connection logs are kept, please be aware that these are aggregated logs, which do not give away anything about any one subscriber. How to install avast vpn on kodi, it’s privacy-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about leaving a digital footprint behind. That done, subscribers receive an introductory email with links to the various clients and other downloads (such as the. )All it takes to get started is set up an account on the vendor’s official page, download the program and enjoy the benefits of safeguarded web surfing. Not all VPN services will allow you to use torrents freely, but SurfEasy is, fortunately, one that does.

How Much Does SurfEasy Cost?

To put this in perspective; there is a VPN service that offers a 500MB per day free service, and there is yet another that has a 10GB per month free version. In 2020, SurfEasy Inc. With so many top VPN providers offering dedicated torrenting servers, or at least torrenting capabilities across the network at no additional charge, charging users a premium for torrenting is a setback for SurfEasy. SurfEasy has extensive customer support.

For a home user this is an ideal speed of VPN to receive. With that in mind, thought including this information in this review would make it very detailed. While it is typically recommended that users stick with the default setups for some functions of the VPN there are several documented cases where alternative settings are required for the VPN to work. However, just to double-check the WebRTC leak, I utilized browserleaks. You may use this quick navigation menu to instantly access a section you need: Netflix worked in the US, UK, Germany and Brazil, a highly impressive result.

All sounds pretty good so far. SurfEasy VPN is the property of Symantec. Now it’s time to show you the prices of SurfEasy, explain what affects them apart from the plans’ technical capabilities, and compare them to those of SurfEasy’s competitors. At the same time, this VPN provides a really good speed that exceeds 20-30 Mbps for download and 15-25 Mbps for upload on most popular locations. Corporations along with home users are getting taken down left and right. Yeah, we’re not overly impressed – no-logging kind of sounds like a lie now.

How Much is SurfEasy VPN? Is There a Free Trial?

This software is available for multiple devices including Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and Amazon. SurfEasy caters to the supporters of P2P torrenting with full-fledged torrent protection. We absolutely do not trust SurfEasy with our personal data precisely because we don’t trust Symantec with that information. SurfEasy has a Mac app. Where a VPN is located makes a lot of difference. S’s often-invasive intelligence agencies. 51 Mbps for uploads.

Breaking the 90% mark gets the service into an exclusive club of fast VPN services. You can easily find more capable options out there, and these can keep you protected in a better way than this VPN does. Best free vpn for chrome, most VPN services come with AES 128-bit and AES 256-bit encryptions. The user cannot connect to the service through a router. However, a lot found its system tray location annoying, since the system tray is already overcrowded and you can’t keep the window open or reposition it. It has all of the features needed without adding many that are more confusing than worthy of being implemented.

, 500 MB data Total – $4.

While we would trust the ability of the Canadian company to quickly provide new servers to bypass Netflix’s efforts at the moment, we advise you to expect the situation to be volatile. Top 5 best cheap vpn services to use in 2020. However, if speed and security are what you need, you might want to look elsewhere. 7-day money back guarantee. It’s also located in Canada, which isn’t the most privacy-friendly Western country and is part of 14-eyes. And also, we hope you know that many countries have mandatory data retention laws. We are also witnessing cyber crimes on a rise because the cybercriminals also realize how easy it can be to manipulate people using their online data. The final window is ‘Upgrades,’ and it is obvious what this section is for. The streaming giant has one of the most robust proxy detection systems in place, which helps them block VPN server IP addresses.

Jurisdiction – Is SurfEasy safe?

Before connecting to SurfEasy VPN: You can potentially save a lot of money especially if you live with roommates. There is a substantial geopolitical angle to it was well because cybercrime isn’t limited to just one country or continent. Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm (EST) and Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 5pm (EST).

Nevertheless, if you can make do with only the basic features, you may continue reading. They have to present themselves in a manner that makes them look professional. Torguard review, does not leak DNS or WebRTC. ReviewVPN SurfEasy review and test : 99 per month if you purchase a month at a time or you can get it for $6. The “Total” plan: There’s a 500MB free trial, and a 7 day money-back guarantee.

Torrenting protection is available in the Ultra Plan only. They are one of the cheapest VPN around, and their value rises further if you examine what you get for your money. However, they currently do not support routers. 2% on average. There are two other tiers of plans that each come with their own features: SurfEasy isn’t much fun compared to some of the well-designed, intuitive VPN applications on the market.

Other/Free Services

If there is one truth about VPN services and generally all other forms of online service, then it is that data logging, in any shape or form, sucks. SurfEasy VPN is a suitable option for netizens who crave for supreme privacy and un-restricted on-demand entertainment. However, some types of data are still stored, and this includes – aggregate bandwidth usage, temporary usage data, and in-app telemetry data. Now, this is troubling especially considering SurfEasy’s jurisdiction. – Is SurfEasy safe? So the steps are easy, nice and simple enough to set up the SurfEasy VPN as well as use it.

One of the key things about SurfEasy is that the publisher takes users’ privacy seriously – they do not store and maintain logs of customer data. SurfEasy supports all the major operating systems and devices. Over 1500 people around the world work in Opera company (it is not Opera VPN). Best vpn services 2020: reviews of top products, the majority of commercial VPN providers rely on shared, dynamic IP addresses. According to the tests, there’s no sign of leaks. If you’ve used a VPN service before, you know that your speed will almost always be impacted when you’re browsing the internet. That said, they do offer one of the most affordable VPN services in the market at $1.

We got more than 80% of the original speed on the rest of the servers as well. To measure this, we tested the 3 main speed indicators: That said, we bring you the 2020 review and test for one of the most popular VPNs on the market – SurfEasy. However, as you can see the list is very simplistic. EU Server speed test: You save quite a lot of money by subscribing for a year.

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This tool has widespread popularity in countries like Iran and China where cyber censorship is prevalent. SurfEasy comes with a somewhat outdated UI. Bandwidth, in the context of a VPN service provider, is simply the data you’re allowed to use per month. SurfEasy allows five simultaneous connections and has servers in 28 countries, but is accessible across the globe.