SlickVPN Review (Tested for Slickness)

00 a month with term discounts as low as $4. No proprietary software for mobile devices. In case we are forced to store user logs, we would prefer to shut down rather than putting our users at stake who have put their trust in us. We currently have 380 servers in 31 countries, and we are continuously expanding our network. Many of these questions relate to anonymity and security, and the various companies answer them in their own words. Due to our no log and no time stamp policy and shared IP network – we are unable to forward any requests to a single user.

Unlimited bandwidth.

It’s not bad but it definitely looks dated. Why the discrepancy? It is very easy for users to miss that bar. Hotspot shield review: a fast vpn with security and privacy issues, unfortunately, I was unable to test for IPv6 because my ISP doesn't provide it. Along with that, the pages for privacy policy and terms of use also had proper places in the overall theme. WebRTC, IPv6 and IPv4 leak tests came out positive with no leaks, but the most important leak test result, DNS, was negative. Overall speed is an important factor in selecting a VPN, and your location should also be taken into account.

Your email address: The security features of SlickVPN applications are high. X-vpn, this is a simple tool which lets you bypass the restrictions and browse any website blocked in your region. We have virtual locations in our own physical data centers across the globe. I've done some limited testing of NordVPN's Linux implementation of WireGuard and the results were, frankly, astounding.

  • Yes, we provide a port forwarding service.
  • But even ignoring that, as of this writing, there is virtually zero technical information provided, only YouTube videos apparently intended for 10 year-old boys.
  • Not only will Disconnect VPN protect your private information, but it’ll also block tracking requests from connecting to your devices.
  • Trying to be anonymous online?
  • Irrespective of that, one can never be too careful with regard to their online privacy.
  • While this may seem like a lot, keep in mind that NordVPN and CyberGhost have over 5000 servers across the globe.


As we have mentioned countless times before, we think that the official website of any VPN service provider is one of the features that the VPN service provider, knowingly or unknowingly, offers. To make them work you can either set up the built-in system parameters (PPTP and IPSec protocols) or install and configure the OpenVPN client. Possibility to set up own connection parameters within the software before connecting. Check out this list: 3; 521-bit secp521r1 ECC server/CA certificates (~15360-bit RSA), signed with ecdsa-with-SHA512; A 2048-bit static key for additional encrypting/authenticating of control channel packets via -tls-crypt.

SlickVPN simplifies their security discussion with a table. The company took over a year to disclose the incident, and the only after being called out on social media. We request to remove all anti-DDoS mitigations when possible to help reduce the chance of network monitoring. Note that these are ranked by download results, in descending order. The options menu of SlickVPN Windows client also has arrangements for users to connect via UDP or TCP.

We store billing information on a secure server separate from VPN servers and do not track usage nor IP assignments.

VPN Service Providers

I used a Intel NUC Kit NUC8i7BEH (Bean Canyon) laptop running the latest version of Windows 10. This fact is a serious drawback. It offers a multihop VPN. 37 mbps USA Trial 1 35 ms 90. There is no visitor tracking mechanism, not even passive ones analyzing the web server logs. And one year will make your purse lighter by $2.

Moreover, it provides more than 60 VPN servers in those 28 countries. Then you have to choose a payment method. For a dollar more a month, you can opt to get Blindsearch, Surfshark's nonlogging private search engine, and Hacklock, a tool that constantly searches the internet to see if your email address has been affected by a data breach. Yes, SlickVPN also has an official blog. Servers and Locations: As the center of the 5 Eyes alliance, it’s usually not the best location, due to its surveillance-friendly stance, as well as regularly spying on US residents. Signups via Tor or proxies are highly encouraged along with placeholder information if paying in cryptocurrency. There are no bandwidth limits on downloaded data.

The company also collects data through cookies. Once a connection has been terminated the session information is deleted from the session database. That means if you’re located in those other places, or find yourself in them for business or pleasure, your chances of getting a fast server are much, much less. A UK server we tested did successfully stream Netflix. SlickVPN gave us access to Netflix, but not without difficulties. But the little details do matter a lot in the VPN industry where the competition is as fierce as in any other industry. There is only one vague phrase:

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But over the 2 years of its existence, SlickVPN has not created applications for Android and iOS. A list of all our servers and their locations can be found here. Although they do not have clients for other devices they do provide support for PPTP and L2TP/IPsec which is built into most mobile devices and supported by many routers. Minimizing exposure to government surveillance? Usually these are just marketing gimmicks, again, used to attract customers that don’t do their homework properly. We have never seen a VPN service put their money where their mouth is, but SlickVPN gets the job done.

44 mbps Trial 2 34 ms 88. Their 24/7 support is ticket-based. Luxembourg-3 Netherlands (5):

Still, in terms of Microsoft operating systems, you can establish connections on Windows 8 and 7. But the operational part of their organization is based on the island of Nevis. This provides you with an added level of security and privacy by hiding the OpenVPN headers, letting you bypass the Deep Packet Inspection. However, there were a few other issues we just can’t look past. No logs or timestamps are kept whatsoever. You need to pick a plan (block, monthly, three-six-twelve months) and subscribe to Slick VPN, since there is no free plan offered on the site. You can enable IP and DNS leak protection, customize protocols, and toggle balancing, which is advisable for stable streaming.

Server Selection Options

2 to prevent downgrade attacks, with support for TLSv1. Our apps are able to re-establish VPN connection and once active restart closed applications. Once you’ve sent a ticket, though, you won’t have to wait too long for a response.

For users from UAE, Egypt, some parts of China etc, we are offering and actively improving secure Stealth VPN technology to tunnel a client’s VPN traffic for users from Egypt, UAE, China etc. Best vpns for kodi, when it comes to installing Kodi video add-ons on Now TV box, users do not have to follow a cumbersome method. Firstly, we need to embrace the presence of many impressive special features. We also provide users with additional recommendations to be sure that there are no DNS leaks or IP leaks. Supports torrents and is anonymous. Other payment methods are available on request.

As I have already said, SlickVPN has a setting that might increase confidentiality at first sight, but it turned out that it does not add but deprives a user’s anonymity. Pingzapper — lower ping in games, i'm in the US and trying to watch Netflix Belgium. Their plans start from $2. In a nutshell, the Software department of SlickVPN is not up to the mark and the company needs to develop its own apps and software updates. We don’t have virtual locations. Their applications, while they are plentiful and compatible with everything, are grueling to use and don’t really help you out much as the user. We currently offer over 200 different payment options. That means your actions inside the app, like the sites you visit or the stuff you download, is not logged.

The Problem of the Unknown Publisher

There is one hitch to it – and here we quote the official website’s refund policy – that “providing termination notice within the month, quarter, or year does not entitle [the] customer to [the] refund or proration of fees”. Mitigation against data snooping by datacenters is carefully applied. Users can use this page to check for a number of leaks, not just DNS leaks. That’s all you really need to know about SlickVPN as far as finances go. The preferences section lets you tweak some basic settings like startup options and logging. Also, here you can find a list of the available protocols from SlickVPN. Subscribers also have the option of choosing the protocol they want.

“Privacy is Freedom”, SlickVPN exclaims on their website.


The best value for money is of course the yearly plan, which only costs $4 per month. Continuing their trend of convoluted help, SlickVPN also does not let up in the documentation. DMCA notices are not forwarded to our users as we’re unable to identify a responsible user due to not having any logs or data that can help us associate an individual with an account. Each of these payment methods is available in almost every country and with the addition of Bitcoin, subscribers can subscribe to the VPN anonymously. SlickVPN reportedly has access to 150+ servers in 40+ countries.

In the options, there is a selection where you can turn-off DNS and IP leaking protection. The service is affordable, no logs, strong encryption, unlimited bandwidth, and the list of great features goes on. Lastly, you can contact them via social media. However, the provider recommends sticking to the 256-bit standard for maximum security. After all that, average out the results. It explicitly states that it does not track the browsing activities of users nor does it record activities outside of the VPN connectivity.

Lost Password

On the security front, SlickVPN has fulfilled all the necessary requirements. No, FastestVPN does not record any logs. The user will have to use these details to make their VPN service work. 5 best vpns that aren’t blocked by netflix (new update!). Slick offered plenty of servers around the world, not as many as Cyberghost, but still worked out well considering you pay around $5/month.

The client also comes with the standard WebRTC protection. We run our own logless DNS on every server, meaning no personally identifiable data is ever stored. 69 mbps Average 359 ms 2. Even though this provider offers some interesting features, it still has many areas which need to be improved. This home vpn router setup protects your traffic wherever you are. Therefore, one month costs $5 only with SlickVPN during its special sale, while normally it fares at $15, a substantially worse price.

We use a mix of physical and virtual servers depending on the demand and needs of a given location. The client also includes a Kill Switch that shuts off access to the internet for specific applications, should your computer become disconnected from the VPN. Also, none of their servers are in Asia. One of the main features of VPN providers is their servers’ speed. Moreover, we also saw prominent links that explained what terms such as ciphers along with key strengths and protocols meant. On the website, we use only two third-party services, that being the CAPTCHA picture provider and the support ticket software. Latvia, Chile and also Taiwan and Thailand are also included. Then why you have to choose the VPN service with no convenient mobile app?

Excellent Privacy Policies

There is no on/off switch to log activity so it would be impossible to comply with such a request. 256-Bit Encryption is one of the most advanced encryptions out there and it is almost impossible to break. By the way, this is the “free access” that is mentioned on every page of the website:

Does SlickVPN keep logs?

A VPN Privacy policy should also correspond to torrenting, and certain terms must be met, which I will tell you about in this chapter. Only that SlickVPN has a complex legal situation as a VPN service provider. Avast secureline is scam?, and if you have experience using NordVPN or PIA, feel free to drop a comment below. We offer a custom open-source VPN application called azclient for all major desktop platforms (Windows, macOS and Linux) and currently support OpenVPN. NordVPN has always offered an excellent user experience with its apps, regardless of the platform you use. Users (and especially companies) will also be happy to learn that SlickVPN will run on some router types (read more on their site). Yes, we use Kayako ticket software for support. Of course, customer support is not as important as the quality of VPN servers or features list. You have all your major options listed on the left side panel and tabs for further details.

We wanted to scream to the heavens when we saw this. Other interesting test results. Expressvpn apk 7.9.2 (mod, premium) download for android. To ensure users’ privacy and security, it may be important to know how a VPN provider collects logs about users and their activity. With a single account, you can connect up to 5 devices at the same time on this VPN. Thankfully, SlickVPN is not logging anything you do so it would be hard for the government to prove anything anyway. NordVPN's best feature is the variety of additional tools it provides for improving your privacy. So you should sail smoothly as far as paying for SlickVPN is concerned. We support OpenVPN and IKEv2.

The account dashboard was quite nice to have. It is believed that the authorities of these countries may get access to private information and share it in some cases. Finding the perfect balance between the cost and the feature package on offer is crucial, and this is where a review like this would come in handy. As of now, we propose a variety of payments options including anonymous methods such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Monero, Ethereum and some other cryptocurrencies (through CoinPayments) and cash money via postal mail. Internet speeds in the US vary widely by state and provider. (17 per month at TunnelBear) and ExpressVPN include this feature. Despite only being around for a few years, OpenVPN has quickly established itself as the de-facto industry standard. SMTP abuses will also result in temporary port blocking for that service.

This could be due to their app being inaccurate, or that they have not been honest about their locations and servers.

An Excellent VPN

Moreover, the difference between genuine and incorrect speed may reach up to dozens of times. If you wish to further pimp your VPN experience with the advanced settings that SlickVPN has up its sleeves, we recommend contacting customer service first. As always, however, you as the consumer should ask yourself whether or not you are comfortable with trusting any given company with your personal information.

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The ticketing system itself isn’t all that great, to begin with. Hola vpn review 2020: is hola safe? (ip & dns leaks detected). ” We won’t be doing that, but the good outweighs the bad with SlickVPN so don’t worry. An internal transaction ID is used to link payments to the payment processor. Even intermediate-level hackers can listen in to your VOIP calls. We not only allow all file-sharing activities and P2P traffic, including BitTorrent, but also protect P2P users from any possible threats, such us tracking, surveillance, and such. Can you use SlickVPN in China?

We were quite surprised to review these extras, especially after the dismal features we covered earlier. Yes, ExpressVPN protects users from data leaks in a number of ways; our leak protection and open-source leak testing tool suite are detailed on our Privacy Research Lab page. We do not yet support IPv6 routing through the VPN tunnel, although we are considering adding this in the future in a subset of our server locations. Get super vpn for iptv restreaming, you are safe online when you use VPN. Affiliate links help us produce good content. Need some knowledge to setup.

If there is only one however, Random Balance will not take any effect. None of these payments can be linked to a specific user account. SlickVPN is an average VPN provider. They even provide guides for configuring their service with many types of routers.

Torrenting Is Allowed

SlickVPN delivers relatively expensive pricing plans to its users. If you want to discover the major attributes of both these VPN services, have a look at the below-mentioned table: The server infrastructure for the VPN servers is operated from third-party datacenters. Well not for the people in these countries. SlickVPN did well in our speed test. These are standard protection policies.

SlickVPN also required me to download their cert file, which didn’t have an extension. Right now, it's offering an 83% discount, bringing costs down to $2 monthly for a two-year plan ($48 in total). The main marketing entity for their business is based in the United States of America and an operational entity is based out of Nevis.