Hotspot Shield VPN Review 2020: Get Super-Fast Internet Connection!

While the desktop and mobile apps didn’t leak any of our private information, the same couldn’t be said for Hotspot Shield’s browser extensions. After putting Hotspot Shield through some serious testing, would I recommend this service? As far as the fastest VPN goes, that title currently belongs to TorGuard VPN. My connection to Australia only got 3 percent faster, but still, it's faster. All you have to do is click on the “Sign In” link at the top of the page. In turn, this should provide speedy performance. And another good news: An independent test by AV-TEST found it to block more than 50% of phishing pages and just about 10% of the malware pages presented, which is more than similar features offered by other popular VPN providers.

In fact, I cannot say anything bad about it.

We lezen op internet wel veel ervaringen dat er ook slechte ervaringen met de software zijn. Given this odd combination I tried running some ping and traceroute tests, but most of them timed out. The app does an excellent job of protecting your security and privacy as you browse. (49 Per Month at NordVPN) , which costs $11. Sadly, however, because Hotspot Shield implements a proprietary protocol called "Catapult Hydra," we do not have the exact details about how encryption is being implemented. As you can see from the screenshots, the UI is very simple. Finally, you can set your preferences for the following features: And my connection to India got a whopping 43 percent faster.

After waiting a few minutes, restarting the computer resolved the issue. One problem with proprietary technologies like Catapult Hydra is there's no easy way to see what else is going on. Is it worth investing in this VPN, in the long term?

  • I can’t be sure that this is Anchor Free’s fault, but I suspected that the problems could be connected to the product.
  • How about this VPN’s speed and compatibility with different devices?
  • It is my further opinion that is has no application, no features, inadequately protected servers, and a Privacy Policy you could drive a truck through.
  • Thus, the service has to abide by madatary data retention rules because the country is a founding member of 5 eyes alliance.
  • The monthly price is $12.
  • A CSIRO study concluded that Hotspot Shield uses tracking codes to gather information about their user’s and then sells this information to advertisers.
  • Those of you searching for a VPN have probably encountered a group of providers offering their services free of charge.

Performance Testing

It gives the users everything they need in a neat little package. I requested to change the provider for the check they issue. However, not every VPN will answer this need. Unlike many VPN services, the number of sections and the richness of responses to possible malfunctions impress. The only way to use the VPN is through a dedicated app, so Hotspot Shield is not compatible with Linux, routers, gaming systems, smart TVs, and other devices. In fact, I never received a response.

If you’re still running into issues, you have two options. As you’ll notice, great customer service isn’t on that list. And finally the test for the server in Asia: Use across multiple devices This should benefit anyone who wants to use this VPN on all their devices.

De VPN service wordt vaak aangeduid als HSS, dit is een afkorting van de volledige naam Hotspot Shield. These, when coupled with a high level of obfuscation, make it harder for countries like China to block the use of their VPN. According to the privacy policy, Hotspot Shield logs the following: Public IP addresses are issued by your ISP, or Internet Service Provider. De software voor zowel de gratis als de betaalde variant is hetzelfde. Differently said, no matter which of those you pick, you’ll always get the same feature set. Most VPNs offer long term subscriptions at a discount, and Pango follows suit:

If you are looking for a VPN service, you can give Hotspot Shield Elite VPN a try.


Both companies offered equal showings in the privacy, security and customer support arenas. That's probably fine for most users, but reflects the limitations present in the app made in the name of simplicity. But squint, and you'll see a dark-gray "back" arrow barely visible against the dark-blue background, in the upper left. Hotspot is safe to use because you will not expose your original IP address, DNS or WebRTC information while using the VPN online. As data passes through this tunnel it is encrypted and becomes very difficult to decipher.

That is why Hotspot Shield dictates that you fill in your credit card information when choosing their 7-day free trial. To get support, you can use their online form to leave a message. 5 Vestigingsland: Your real IP address may be used for analytics and marketing reasons. Start with a monthly package and upgrade if you like the service. Privacy policy: Security and confidentiality are the fundamental principles of VPN services.

This can be hugely complicated, but just seeing that a service supports a secure protocol like OpenVPN can give you reassuring feedback about its safety.

Torrent met Hotspot Shield Elite

We prefer Editors' Choice winners NordVPN, Private Internet Access, and TunnelBear. As you can clearly see in the graph, the connection tests that were run with Hotspot Shield Elite ranked as the best VPN with a speed that was approximately one third slower than the reference, which did not have a VPN attached to it. On the contrary, as we have highlighted above, the HotSpot Elite VPN provides greater flexibility to its users and this includes the use of servers abroad (UK, China, India, Hong Kong, Australia, Japan, Canada and Germany).

Customer Support Ratings

An unusual quirk of this setup is that if you want to change your location, you have to connect first and then open the server selection window. 99 per month, while a three-year term costs just $2. The analysis proved that the app was conducting data sharing with third parties advertising networks. However, customer support seems to be under strain due to the massive number of users that the VPN has. Some servers provide double rate when compared to other options.

Split Tunneling

The IP address is not associated with your VPN browsing activity. The provider happily takes advantage of this, keeping no user activity logs. This VPN brings limited support.

Although, at the time of testing we struggled to unblock the BBC iPlayer, so if you're specifically targeting that then this might not be the best VPN for you. This is what the Hotspot Shield screen looks like before a connection is established: More concerning is the fact that Hotspot Shield has been accused in the past of providing user browsing data to third-party advertising companies.

This country is an international surveillance powerhouse, the “all-seeing eye” of the Five Eyes alliance. CyberGhost’s home country of Romania doesn’t require VPN providers to keep logs, so they don’t. Finally, we’ve also checked the performance of a remote server – located in the USA. Encryption details are as follows: However, there are many other options for users to have their pick from.

Hotspot Shield offers 3,200+ servers in 82 countries

It is because Hotspot Shield offers the best speed among all VPN providers, according to a test conducted by PCWorld. This includes device-specific data like unique mobile ID, operating system, hardware model, language, and network information. Here are the prices for other Hotspot Shield tariffs: There are reports that Netflix and Hulu were once supported, but this is no longer the case. Many carriers such as Telefonica and KDDI also use Catapult Hydra to provide VPN services and WiFi security to their customers, due to Hydra’s superior performance and reliability. The same study showed that Hotspot Shield Elite has a good transfer rate.

99 per month ($53. )These apps and clients are, at least, easy to install and use. One of the things we did appreciate about Hotspot Shield’s pricing plan is that the only thing that changes with the different subscriptions is the length of time you can use the service. On the plus side, this VPN is fast and unblocks plenty of content.

Background, Jurisdiction & Reputation

I have explained the salient features of both these VPNs. Once you do, a small world map appears, along with the IP address Hotspot Shield assigns you and your current session's data usage. Pango tells me that 15 percent of its overall server infrastructure is virtual. Some time ago, a press release issued by the CDT (Center for Democracy & Technology) revealed formal complaints against Hotspot Shield. (94 for 6 months).

Usually, I do not like apps popping up as soon as soon I log into my computer. Note that the free version of HotSpot Shield only allows access to servers in the US. The provider accepts two payment options - credit cards and PayPal. There have been some issues reported with the service. Click that, and you'll be in the HotSpot Shield free interface. In addition, Hotspot Shield’s server network stretches across 73 countries, with popular regions included.

” Lifehacker "If you're concerned about threats like Firesheep or you know how easy it is to sniff out passwords and cookies, you may want to give the app a try. "There is no ability for anonymous or semi-anonymous payment forms like Bitcoin or cash. Better yet, use both Hotspot Shield's free offering and Windscribe's similarly generous counterpart, and you'll have 25GB per month of free VPN data to play with. With this said, we’re going to inspect Hotspot Shield by checking its encryption, logging, and DNS leaks. Zo is het bijvoorbeeld niet mogelijk om een protocol naar keuze te kiezen. The premium subscription can be purchased for periods of 1 month ($12. )

Desktop Client

They also accept Bitcoin as payment. If they are okay with it, you may also become a satisfied customer. Some of the provider’s apps come with a kill switch, which terminates the internet access in case your VPN connection is interrupted, keeping your sensitive information safe from malicious outsiders. This is disabled by default, and isn’t currently available for MacOS, Android, or iOS, which is a major oversight for a VPN with such a large user-base.

At first glance, the VPN prices seemed to be a little bit high.

My Rating Criteria

They have a well-documented knowledge base in their support section that has useful information on areas such as payments, joint issues, user account management, and the general Hotspot Shield help. We also found the connections to be stable and reliable over time. Furthermore, the free version is often used as a platform for different promotional campaigns, which means you are bombarded with advertisements. “Uh oh, doesn’t the United States have strict data retention laws? They can even prevent Hotspot Shield from telling you that they did this. Anyone who has a cursory understanding of online privacy and security legislation knows that the United States is not a good location for a VPN company to be located. Most companies lease their servers so it’s not a big deal, but owning them is better for both privacy and performance.

After a 2-minute installation process, you are taken to an interface that looks like something out of a new James Bond movie where you can adjust your settings and VPN location with just a few clicks. When you click on this menu, there are just a few items to select. Other free services let you burn through a whole month's allotment at once if you want to. Everything is intuitive and simple.

99 per month ($71. )You can disable WebRTC at browser level by following these instructions: Waiting to hear back after submitting a ticket can take days; live chatting takes minutes. These individuals will be sorely disappointed if they purchase Hotspot Shield. What’s problematic here is that we can’t verify if this VPN truly has as many servers as it claims. Once all of the speed tests are complete, the overall average speed is calculated for each provider.

Supported Platforms & Devices

In each case, I amassed the results from five tests. As you can see, it took the fastest VPN almost twice as long to reach the designated server as the reference, which was not connected to a VPN. However, once the speed test was done, we were quite surprised by the results. Bij het gratis abonnement is deze mogelijkheid een stuk beperkter, je hebt dan alleen toegang tot de gratis VPN servers die er beschikbaar zijn. I know what you’re thinking. The software supports users by enabling them to access regional or geo-locked content for a more open internet.

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For quick and easy access, use our Optimal Location, and our system will pick the best server for you. Using this VPN is easy. However, Hotspot Shield’s privacy policy is confusing to say the least.