2020 HideMyAss Review (HMA)

Europe 254 servers. It offers 1,000+ servers in 190+ countries, covering even more countries in its network than the likes of PureVPN and ExpressVPN. If all you want is a vpn service that encrypts your connections with a bulletproof protocol so that you can’t be hacked, then HMA is the vpn for you. Recently, each account only allows for two different devices to be used at one time. Any VPN service can pose some difficulties with settings during the tool is involved in operation.

Fire TV and Firestick – Amazon’s leading platforms, don’t officially support HideMyAss. Aside from this formal agreement, US companies can use the UK court system to obtain customer data, such as with the LulzSec case above. However, unless you specifically need an endpoint that its rivals don’t offer, Windscribe performs similarly for much less money and has a proper free tier, NordVPN is faster and better at streaming, while Private Internet Access and ExpressVPN’s no-logging policies have been demonstrated in court.

Alternatively, you may consider some of the best no-logs VPN providers like ExpressVPN, CyberGhost or NordVPN that will guarantee full protection even in this area. 88 per year, $114. Where most VPNs only show the status of the connection, HMA provides you with a connection log. Most don’t offer you much. It means all of them are saved. You can also create a list of your favourite locations: Since both the real and VPN IP addresses are logged, between the VPN and end site logs, it would technically be possible to piece together all of a user’s internet activity.

  • I have to say, even though some customer HideMyAss reviews did note that the VPN has decent speed parameters, I was very pleasantly surprised!
  • There are a lot of positives to recommend HideMyAss VPN service, the easy to use app, great list of features, great speeds, and reasonable pricing, but it can't be overlooked that the company is *not* the best when it comes to its privacy and security features.
  • Overall, Hide My Ass has one of top VPN software tools we’ve used.

User Experience9.8

Next up was a server in Miami, Florida. Completley free vpn for kodi and android devices. All DNA requests are handled through HMA! Longer-distance connections were sometimes astonishingly fast. It’s not a crucial factor when you’re choosing a VPN, but wouldn’t it be nice if more apps and services put the odd smile on your face? “We only log the time you connect and disconnect from our service. This shows which servers offer which speed, which saves you the constant logging in and logging out.

It isn’t a deal breaker, but still something to consider.

Leaks – Does HideMyAss leak IP, DNS & WebRTC?

Snoopers and hackers are not able to trace back your online activity due to this function and strong encryption used for ciphering all of your traffic. HMA compares very well to some of the best VPNs on the market when it comes to local speeds, meaning that whatever you choose to do when running HMA, you won’t be slowed down. You can find more info on testing your VPN connection in our dedicated article on this matter. Shimo, this feature alone is worth the money for Shimo! Today, Hide My Ass are leading the way with an interface that is always looking better, working better, and helping users secure their connection faster. HideMyAss makes your internet experience complete and fun.

New features include a system-wide kill switch for Windows and Mac (no need to manually specify apps to close, any more.) Compatibility – How many devices does HideMyAss support? If you connect to the USA virtual server you are connected to a server in the UK but have been allocated an IP address associated with the USA. Free vpn proxy, based on their latest findings, people should also avoid the following tools, as they too are vulnerable to MITM hacks:. I wouldn’t classify it as a cheap VPN, even with the three year plan at $4.

  • If you want to protect all the devices on your network, you can use Hide My Ass's handy guide for installing VPN software on your router.
  • Pro client we mentioned above.
  • (99 prepaid), a very reasonable price for a service of this quality.
  • When you turn on HMA!
  • With that, it’s probably obvious that no digital security tool is perfect - as great as it may look at first glance, it’s important to be transparent and cover some of the more negative aspects, too.

VPN Network

Here you had a simple-to-use table, which was suitable for advanced and average customers: It also now has the IP shuffle feature, which randomly changes your IP address at user defined intervals. Now you have to fill in your credential and choose a payment method. A company representative explained to me that bulk of the company's physical server infrastructure is located in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Miami, New York, Prague, Seattle, and Singapore. The cause of such defects is concerned with exterior devices that block access to the VPN. International speeds were some of the best VPN speeds we’ve seen and connection times were great at around 70Mbps seconds for most locations. With speed being one of the main selling points it is easy to see why. You can also configure settings for the Kill Switch, App Kill Switch, IP shuffle, connection protocol as well as change other preferences.

HMA’s robust security will keep you safe while connecting to unsecured public wi-fi networks. The best free vpns for kodi on amazon fire stick. The plan is billed $119. HideMyAss VPN Protocols – Is HMA Secure? Thank you for following us. This is certainly not good given my (close) proximity to the test server. Included are rare locations such as Guam, Taiwan, Macau, and even several locations in African countries. There are two ways for you to connect to an OpenVPN server, through its TCP port or its UDP port.

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In 2020, long before it came into Avast’s ownership, the company complied with a court order to hand over data that helped in confirming the identities of individuals involved in the LulzSec hacking case. These servers have “p2p” label attached next to them: Amount of data transmitted (E. )HMA Pricing From $3. Avoid connecting to servers located in countries with active Internet surveillance like the USA, Canada, Uk, and Australia. Two-month subscriptions have also gone by the wayside. 66 every 12 months.

HMA Compatibility

Our bet is that you have already come up with one of the commonest error codes a VPN service can return. You can use the VPN free of charge! Visit this page and be informed about the facilities HideMyAss manages to accomplish. This is valuable information that can help the company improve its service. Uniquely, HideMyAss actively lists countries supportive of free speech and who are anti-censorship. The following video shows how to use Speed Guide. In 2020, Privax, the parent company of HMA was acquired by AVG Technologies which has since been acquired by Avast.

The feature works by discontinuing your internet connection whenever you lose connection to a VPN server.

Client Account process

99 6 Month Plan – $53. This works out at $3. Moreover, HMA has a doubtful logging policy which worries potential and existing customers.

Astounding Features Of HideMyAss VPN

8 primarily because of how safe it was. This appears to work by shifting some or all of your traffic to another server should your current server become heavily loaded. Obviously, a service needs to have something to offer to gain such massive popularity, and ‘HMA’ delivers. Based in the UK, HMA!

Special Features

We recommend their 36 month plan to anyone who wants the best value. It’s nice because today it’s difficult to find a VPN with such an impressive number of servers worldwide. Connection status – This says “Off” in the switch. OK, let’s see maybe the speeds in Europe will be better. There are many apps that can reveal your real IP address. Information leaks are among the most severe issues that a VPN might have.

Works with Netflix

It's also a bit disappointing that Hide My Ass relies so heavily on virtual servers. Look through HideMyAss servers, functions and reviews and be persuaded that Hide My Ass VPN is a worthy service. The most useful of the modes by far was the one called Instant Mode. Vpn access with cisco anyconnect vpn (windows), once you have done the above mentioned steps, the only other step required is to run the Cisco AnyConnect installer and it will start running. It allows you send and receive data directly to one of their servers, dodging any restrictions or limitations set on your locality. All that is necessary to connect to the recommended location is to tap the switch.

The VPN is free from any leaking DNS as well: HideMyAss is not the best internet privacy software, but it seems to a good VPN service that can do exactly that for you. Private internet access vpn (for android) review, 3,300+ | Server locations:. On a more positive note, the Windows client comes with a lot of excellent features such as auto-connect, IP shuffle for automatically gaining a new IP address in the same location (useful if an IP address becomes blocked by a specific service), and lightning connect (to connect to the fastest server available to you). Account – This information includes your account username and your chosen billing plan. Check your email. However, searching for the right server has been made extremely easy HideMyAss: If you try to stream content, you will be able to connect to the site but you cannot stream content.


The list of features remains the same for business users as well. It is important to be aware that the Secure IP Bind feature currently works only on Windows. Please note that HideMyAss VPN’s website is currently blocked in China.

It is also worth noting that this means DNS leak protection is built into the clients by default - which is great. One of its clients had used the service to hack into SONY, and when asked to provide information about this individual and his online activity, HideMyAss complied. Openconnect vpn on mac os x, retrieved from "http:. That's unfortunate. You can choose between PPTP, L2TP, IKEv2, and OpenVPN (UPD & TCP) protocols for establishing your VPN sessions.

Keeping in view how strict Chinese government is, even if HMA had worked in China we wouldn’t have suggested it because of its relaxed logging policy.

Final Verdict

Of course, I have expected more from American servers. We would like to see them offer a monthly subscription but the shortest term they currently offer is 12 months. As such, it would be good to see the OpenVPN protocol supported on Mac OS as well. At the same time, this isn’t quite the best in privacy. Best free vpn for netflix and any other streaming platforms. 99 a month which is a discount of 67% off.

This will result in a screen like that shown to the right above. 88 respectively. The service records the timestamp of every session connect and disconnect, a subnet of the IP address you used to connect to the service (if you connect from 92. )Our support team can assist you with anything related to our service and we usually respond within 24-48 hours. HMA guarantees to save the data in its company’s needs and not to pass it to any third party, provided you don’t violate the rules and laws. ExpressVPN has ‘Smart Connect’, NordVPN has ‘Quick Connect’, and SurfShark has ‘Fastest Server’.

HMA VPN review: Mobile apps

You get advice when you’re changing settings, and the app puts everything in simple English. Alternatively, the old version 2 of the software is still easy to use but gives you access to a lot of functionality to enjoy the service to the full. The process to sign up is very simple and straightforward: For more information on VPN encryption please read our VPN Encryption: On further questioning it became clear that they did not want to supply this information. In this case, you can even request multiple accounts.