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It also lists DMCA requests, law enforcement notices, and government requests. While browsing the site, I’ve found information that CyberGhost VPN allows trying its apps free of charge for 1 day. CyberGhost can be run simultaneously on up to seven devices. Its interface is clear and easy to use, and dedicated endpoints cater to streaming media enthusiasts.

Our research shows that CyberGhost can sometimes give terrible results. Make sure you’re safe online and prevent your personal information from leaking on the Web. It offers top tunneling protocols, the securest traffic encryption and transparent no-logs policy. There are areas of service that could use some improvement but nothing major. So let’s get to it shall we? The downside to this protocol is that the speed can be slower than OpenVPN and it can be blocked by firewalls.

I couldn’t tell while watching videos or doing work. 1 day - Free Trial. Meanwhile, the United Kingdom servers are optimized for Sky TV, or BBC iPlayer. CyberGhostVPN: Using VPN is the simplest way to unlock Netflix. 5% -54% -11% -72% Trust. Purchasing a one-month plan costs more than single-month subscriptions from other top providers. So, in such a way, in case you need to enter a website anonymously (stay unidentified) you need the free service placed on the official website.

CyberGhost Discounts

Imagine that each time you log on the company makes a note of time, location and IP address and also keeps track of the sites you visit. Another important factor in our CyberGhost review is speed. The user interface is very friendly and a total beginner could optimize their CyberGhost settings (or leave them alone, if they so desired). Zone -14% -99% -80% -66% -82% AVG Secure VPN -56% -87% -69% -75% -68% Hoxx VPN -12% -96% -93% n/a -68% VPNSecure -68% -93% -98% -61% -77% IPVanish -36% -54% -72% -76% n/a NordVPN -40% -99% -69% -58% -75% ExpressVPN -71% -58% -64% -95% -67% Avast -45% -63% -72% -66% -77% Windscribe -44% -57% -80% -98% -73% Average -39.

CyberGhost offers its subscription packages in three tiers.

The Website

In terms of price, most said it was above average, especially the monthly price, although one called the 3 year price ultra low. To be honest, it didn’t feel very accurate. The site's support section shows users how to configure CyberGhost with Tor, and warns that it may slow your connection speeds. In some cases, being transparent about which IPs are part of our service helped us maintain their reputation. Apart from secured internet connectivity, VPNs also allow you to access geographically restricted content. All you need is to log in, choose ‘support’ in the menu and fill in the ticket’s form.

Results from speed tests in Hong Kong and London were worse.

Plans And Pricing

I’ve carried out a set of tests to make certain of CyberGhost VPN high security. It can also unblock the French and German libraries of Netflix, which have slightly different catalogs of shows including some not available on the American version. It’s pretty simple—not bad, but not exactly stellar. Its privacy policy is transparent about the details that it does retain about its customers. You can find at least 50 servers. CyberGhost shields protection as an essential human right, being the first in the business to distribute a straightforwardness report while assembling new client situated crypto-innovation for what's to come. The risk here is that it requires each device to know each other’s IP address.

Overall UX/UI

On a positive note, the speeds were better than last time. CyberGhost email you the login information, and after installing the software, you enter your details, and the system pulls you through to your dashboard. Very transparently, the torrenting servers show the number of current users. Note that if you lose your login information, you'll be prompted for a special key sent in your activation email. 75USD per month which is very good price, supported 7 devices, over 3,500 servers in more than 60 geo's to choose from.

Seven Device Connection Limit

They also offer a wide array of payment methods. Other companies are more stringent. Basically it means if your connection drops, certain applications will be automatically blocked from accessing your device. The innovations of CyberGhost 7 if compared to CyberGhost 6 include the feature of one-click VPN connection and special “Smart Rules” for easier and more flexible adjusting. If you are running your business using a high-risk strategy like open-access public Wi-Fi, then you are asking for trouble. What to do if CyberGhost VPN doesn’t work?

This is a pretty good refund policy, and it is apparently “no questions asked” – so they don’t require troubleshooting before the refund is issued. Many VPNs maintain some basic data to enforce the connection policy. Everything seems to be right at your fingertips, and you won’t have to do a lot of hunting to figure out how to complete the most basic operations. There are certainly plenty of CyberGhost complaints online – some valid, some anecdotal. Far from ideal for a privacy focused company. There is a virtual queue, but I was in the first position instantly. Here is the full list: Usually, there's a slight reduction in speed, but sometimes you can get higher Internet speeds than regular.

So, if you don’t have the time to read this entire article, let’s jump to our conclusions. It is because they have a built-in kill Switch that automatically stops the internet traffic in case if the VPN connection goes down. Then, in 2020, this company changed its name to Kape Technologies. CyberGhost was initially owned by Crossrider, a company by German tech entrepreneur, Robert Knapp.

  • You get a one-day free trial if you download and create your account using a Windows device.
  • You don’t need to be a tech wizard to use CyberGhost VPN.

Troubling ties: Crossrider, CyberGhost, and malware

If you need the OpenVPN configuration files to set up a router or other device, though, your life becomes considerably more complicated. As you can see, with CyberGhost enabled, the Ping speed is just 2 ms slower, and the download speed drops by a mere 2. During testing, we connect to 3 different VPN server locations – the United Kingdom, the United States and Hong Kong. That said, more is almost always better, and more servers means users can be more evenly distributed, giving you more options for finding an unburdened server. This enables the app to filter and block malicious websites before they can harm your device.

This happened in August of 2020, and everyone was quick to conclude that something suspicious is happening. 2 Mbit/s means that if you connect to a server in the same continent as yourself then your will see minimal slowdown on even the fastest home internet connection. CyberGhost performed better than we expected it to – especially in the speed department. However, you will not find port selection feature. Germany, Netherlands, Romania, and the United States. Do you think that CyberGhost VPN is a decent VPN service to try in 2020?

  • More than 3,600-servers on the global network.
  • Well, it looks like they were listening.
  • CyberGhost offers a comprehensive VPN package for the price – with a particularly powerful Windows client and plenty of features.
  • This meant that the company could monitor user activity (never a good thing for a VPN).
  • Then, you can unblock media streaming websites and even download torrents without any limitations.
  • Unlike the desktop version, no further connection stats are available except IP address and time connected.

Subscription Costs

This VPN provider offers an easy and convenient way to install the software – with no distractions, whatsoever. It protects all the data on your computers and drives. A buyer's guide to virtual private networks (vpns), the privacy policy says that no personal data (such as IP addresses) is directly shared with advertisers. CyberGhost offers the highly touted OpenVPN protocol over UDP/TCP, as well as L2TP/IPSec, and PPTP. This stops you from accidentally stumbling upon unsafe sites and phishing scams. How to Select a VPN? The provider protects your internet connection via government-level encryption. It's not the same as split tunneling, which lets you route the traffic from specific apps outside the VPN tunnel. Next, CyberGhost was requesting access to the Mac OS keychain, which I also found to be rather alarming.

You can also bookmark servers and even manage them under categories. Now all VPNs slow down your connection a bit so when I’m testing these services, I’m always looking to see how much slower it gets. We carried out our US tests on a fast 475Mbps connection, and saw speeds range between 125-155Mbps. I tested out the chat support and it seemed alright. As far as the number of simultaneous devices go, CyberGhost VPN allows users to have seven of them per subscription. I’ve noticed that only Comedy Central, Netflix and YouTube are available on more than one server. It has a dedicated server that constantly changes its IP address to avoid restrictions.


The initial speed test tells us that we got 489. Next up I decided to test some CyberGhost servers in the United Kingdom. Hence, you can experience hidden benefits of CG7 hassle-free. This provides an attractive look out to the users that amuse them.

We don't want to get our IPs blacklisted or marked as spam. 5 out of 5 and we wouldn’t recommend it for security reasons. CyberGhost runs a server network in 58 countries all over the world, with locations in Northern America and Northern Europe providing the bulk of the operations. You can also enable DNS leak protection, disable IPv6 connections, and use a random port to connect. Crossrider describes itself as an “online distribution and digital product company” and appears to be heavily focused on advertising and data collection (the two go hand-in-hand). OpenVPN and IKEv2 Support: You can also add CyberGhost to your Chromebook since it comes with integrated L2TP support (no OpenVPN or PPTP just yet). CyberGhost permits up to seven simultaneous connections across any type of supported device under one service plan.

For VPN users concerned about government access to communication, the fact that a VPN provider isn't subject to either of these agreements is a plus. You can block malicious websites, ads, and online tracking. Top 6 vpns for torrenting in 2020 w/ fastest streaming. CyberGhost is rapidly expanding its network throughout the world, adding new locations all the time.

  • The VPN officially claims that it provides DNS and IP leak safeguard feature by default.
  • You can also talk to a real, live, human being, fortunately, via email and live chat support.
  • No VPN is perfect, and CyberGhost has its flaws.

Compatible With Popular Devices, Including Routers

They even help you decide if it’s the best VPN service for you by offering a free 24-hour trial and a 45-day money-back guarantee. We conclude that CyberGhost has throttled our Web connection speed by 51. By the way, the new smart feature of auto-selecting of the fastest server makes it easier. CyberGhost only offers paid plans—but that’s not totally a bad thing. CyberGhost VPN users are offered a steep reduction in price for purchasing longer-term subscriptions, but plans are otherwise identical. Other VPNs can be configured to get around this, but CyberGhost actually does the legwork for you. However, residents of other countries often experience difficulties with accessing it. CyberGhost VPN doesn’t know when you start using this or that site, what servers you choose and what your original IP is.

Most Security Systems Self-Installed, Says Research

Force https redirect: 24/7 customer support via multiple channels is always appreciated, especially by new VPN customers. CyberGhost can work on up to 7 devices simultaneously. Malware is often hidden in free VPN services to collect your data, which is then sold by the parent company.

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These are all the ones available just in the US. Sadly, physical codes purchase editions no longer appear to be widely available. Despite our research, we don’t have any evidence that this feature is available in the iPhone edition. Why should you choose CyberGhost VPN? In the US, CyberGhost manages more than 500 servers, with an additional 89 in Canada.

For maximum security, I recommend you to turn these on as they’re off by default. IKEv2 is widely considered very secure and has performance advantages over OpenVPN. Also, with the ad-blocker and malware checker feature, you don’t need to worry about the malicious ads and content that might get into your system and cause malfunction. However, they keep working to increase the number of servers, and it has reached to three thousand in nearly sixty different countries.

Even though these providers claim that they don’t share the user data with anybody, there is a risk of leakage. So, we need to test its claims and capabilities to see how successfully it does its job. There, the VPN should enable the VPN compression to further increase performance. Users were worried that CyberGhost's new parent company could compromise their safety. There is nothing inherently wrong with this practice.

CyberGhost review: Privacy

CyberGhost’s interface, when first loaded, is a clean, uncluttered affair. We would prefer something simpler - would it really be so difficult to have seven days free, whatever your platform? Connect up to 7-devices on one account. Today a VPN is an essential tool for surfing the web.

CyberGhost is among the VPN providers that adhere to zero-logging policy strictly. Our tests showed the kill switch worked very well. This is frankly disastrous. Servers for each country are displayed alongside their distance from the user and the current server load. Romanian citizens are able to use the Internet freely without too much monitoring.

CyberGhost VPN: All Advantages of the Service

Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, United States Statistics Site in business since: Cost and the overall value provided by the service's features are far more important. Is there any free vpn i can use for torrenting? I maintain an American Netflix account specifically to test which VPNs work with Netflix. Established in 2020 in Bucharest, Romania, CyberGhost is the maker of one of the world's most solid protection and security arrangements on the planet.

Those who feel the need for even more security may want to check out the Double Encryption feature, which means that authentication data and VPN data both are encrypted. The servers performed slow speed. To find a server, click the yellow panel or open Menu > Settings and select the All servers list. You’ll not only get protection against the prying eyes of online spies but also the following awesome CyberGhost VPN features. Cyber junkies who like to stream and download torrents absolutely adore this secure VPN software. CyberGhost’s kill switch is always on and cannot be turned off. That's an understandable concern, because you will likely experience an increase in latency and a decrease in upload and download speeds when you use a VPN.

I just want to show you all the benefits this provider has. When connecting to the CyberGhost VPN network, you’ll have options to connect to any favorite servers you’ve selected, all of the available servers, servers designated for downloading files and servers designated for streaming. It’s possible to create an account after the CyberGhost VPN client is installed. It serves well to go round the restrictions and surf the Internet anonymously. And who knows maybe CyberGhost VPN will become number one upon a time. But if you're trying to hide the fact that you're connecting through a VPN or hide your originating country, it's possible that information will get through. If you have ever been denied access to content you want to view online because of your physical location, you know how frustrating that can be.