Best VPN for China and Why You Need One (Updated March 2020)

Here’s how I judged each VPN: I’ve already gone into great detail about the specific websites and apps that are blocked in China, but here are a few of the most important ones you need to know: I get a number of people who write and ask about how easy it is to use WiFi in China.

Currently, Buffered offers a 30-day money back guarantee so long as you don’t exceed 100 sessions, 10 GB, or 10 hours of usage. To take an example, there is a TV show called The Big Bang Theory. Chinese ISPs have blocked many websites, apps, and online services that we take for granted in the West.

  • Below is a screenshot while I am watching YouTube video in Beijing with it.
  • ExpressVPN offers native apps for all the major platforms you would expect (Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, Linux, routers, etc).
  • NordVPN is always running their own specials, which sometimes include NordPass, which is a password manager app worth trying.
  • Regrettably, Apple is now complicit in censorship VPN apps that allow access to blocked content in China.

I'll always research, review, and write to the best of my abilities, but I won't cut corners for the sake of a Google hit. You can use it simultaneously to tunnel under the Great Firewall of China to gain access to websites, content and services from the outside world. One last warning: When buying VyprVPN, choose the Premium plan because it comes with the Chameleon protocol.

Free for All VPN

NordVPN is consistently in the crosshairs of China’s censorship army and although they’ve done well, it has been an uphill battle. It's been dubbed the 'Great Firewall of China' and it blocks a lot of online connections. It’s a good idea to get your VPN all set up and tested before you get to China. China is the country with the most censored online content in the world. That said, security is strong and includes 256-bit encryption and protection against leaks. For me, watching YouTube and uploading videos to YouTube, it’s definitely one of the best VPN’s for China. Trust me, I’ve tried everything short of knocking on a government official’s door. Support 24/7 Live chat Refund 30 days Website ExpressVPN.

The software is well-designed, both on computers & mobile devices. Then VPN Can Be Used in China Without Any Problem, Right? Obviously you need to look for a capable provider in this respect, and pick out a reliable VPN, too. This means that the only way to fully access this service is by using a VPN. It may be easier to answer the question of which websites aren’t blocked in China.

Most of them don’t work well in China. For this reason, as I mentioned in my China VPN strategy, it’s vital that you subscribe to more than one service. Why’s that important? That’s how you recognize the best VPNs that are not blocked. Over this period of time, I’ve learned a lot about how China’s internet works – and it’s quite different than what most people expect. Here’s a graph showing the usage of Internet in China increasing way higher compared to the USA. Even if Bloomberg’s sources are reliable, it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen such rhetoric espoused by Chinese authorities. But don’t worry.

What You Need to Know About VPNs in China BEFORE You Travel

One VPN can work better than another in Shanghai but worse in Changsha, so it is important to have the opportunity to test the VPN before making a year commitment. They’re very competitively priced and run specials throughout the year. Get used to Bing. PCMag pays attention to what its readers are looking for, whether it's questions on Twitter, emails to our writers, or even what searches lead people to our site. Nordvpn daily-speed, This is Chinese content, if you are interested, you can use Google Translate to read it. You will receive your VPN and none of your personal details will be associated with the account. Since it doesn’t require any manual setting, the installation process is extremely speedy and intuitive with this VPN.

You can try switching VPN servers to improve speed and increase bandwidth. Unlike other premium VPN services that only provide a trial period before asking for a fee, Hotspot Shield allows you to use 500MB of data a day. I have had nothing but extremely slow service with their OpenVPN and “Stealth” protocol. However, we strongly recommend it for unblocking other services in China, as well as for regular Web browsing. So simply exemplifying its stability and connection speed is meaningless. As for NordVPN, even though we have been testing it for less time when connections are poor, it can have problems connecting, but over good connections, its performance is more than acceptable. – Is the service consistent? Also, use an encrypted email provider and perhaps download a secure browser, like Tor.

  • We NEVER recommend using a free VPN.
  • What’s not so-great in China is the Great Firewall , in short, it is a combination of government filters that block apps and websites.
  • It logs two DNS lookups, hopefully returning American servers for YouTube and Netflix.
  • 33 USD per month, respectively.
  • Whether you are in Shanghai or Beijing, we’ll give you everything you need to know for using a VPN in China, without getting blocked.
  • Keep this in mind before using a VPN in China.

What Are The Blocked Websites And Why Are They Blocked?

Every VPN provider marked “Up” in China connected successfully in at least six of the seven rounds of testing, each time to a different gateway. We've chosen a small selection of the very best services here that we recommend for use in China - remember, sign up and install before you go! Explore our NordVPN review to see the full results of our research and testing. And so on, I think that only by conducting continuous real-time testing can you know if it is good or not. If you have an Apple device (iPhone or iPad), first you have to manually configure the VPN (see the instructions on the VPN provider’s website), connect, and then later use the App Store to download the app.

My colleague Jeff Wilson loves Slacker Radio and has been singing its praises for years. I am able to access most sites that some of the states in this region have blocked. If someone tries to, for example, access Facebook’s website at www. Right now, ExpressVPN is holding a special deal that gives you 3 months free VPN service if you purchase a one-year subscription. How to configure cisco anyconnect vpn client for mac, when prompted for a VPN, enter su-vpn. The reality is you’re bound to land up without knowing how to use the app, followed by not being able to access any basic apps or services like Whatsapp and Google.

TorGuard: 3000 Servers in 55 Countries (0 Chinese Servers)

In case one fails, they can use the other one instead. 31-day money-back guarantee Payment Methods: How to Have Your Own VPN For China? In my experience using ExpressVPN in China, the best servers with fastest performance are Los Angeles 3 and Hong Kong 1.

Because of that, intellectual property laws can be a lot stricter than what you’re used to in China, where regulations are much more lax in this sense. Some providers recommend using it instead of a VPN, because the government has not yet put resources into widespread detection and shutdown of ShadowSOCKS servers. To protect your online activities with a VPN while inside Chinese borders, do the following: However, not all VPNs are banned. You can look up all its features in detail in my NordVPN review. NordVPN also allows users to connect up to six devices concurrently using apps for Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS.

Experts Recommended Best VPNs for Android

If you’re looking for a fast VPN , then ExpressVPN is, in our experience, the fastest VPN from China at the moment. For this reason it is probably best to stick to the Chameleon (OpenVPN + obfuscation). In general, however, Astrill has a record of providing the most consistent, un-interrupted connection status for a VPN in China. P2P filesharing is allowed, and speeds are fast enough to make downloading and streaming a breeze. Plus, using free VPNs can be risky, as is explained in this article dedicated to analyzing free VPNs. This is essential for keeping your identity and IP address secure at all times, so it’s crucial for China.

All you really have to do is simply go ahead and then connect to any VPN server that is located in a country which has no censorship.

Best VPN Services of 2020 for China

Subscriptions are expensive, though, starting at $6. For me, I’d let ExpressVPN”s software automatically pick one for me, because the software knows I’m using it from China and can pick the best protocol for me. Most VPN providers can’t beat the Great Firewall; their existing servers have been blackholed and their connections aren’t secure enough to avoid Chinese state detection of new servers. Most people I speak with see China’s internet – or any nation-state internet – as a centralized system, meaning they think it’s all controlled through a single entry/exit point somewhere in Beijing. We have listed some of the best VPN service providers that work in China. To quell political dissent leading up to and during these events, it’s common for many websites, VPN servers, and other content and services to be added to the Great Firewall’s blacklist.

And on multiple devices! Is using a VPN in China illegal? So don’t fret quite yet. So the hurdle for free VPNs, which have very limited resources, becomes insurmountable. This is especially true of the so-called “free VPN” services. It takes 1-7 business days for a real refund to your account. However, make sure to read their descriptions carefully to see which of these truly meet your requirements (in terms of browsing the Web, unblocking specific services, media streaming, and more). Users can link up to six devices simultaneously to NordVPN’s servers using apps for Mac OS, Windows, iOS, and Android.

Fortunately, this isolated attack affected just one NordVPN server — and thanks to its strict no-logging policy, no user activity was compromised in the incident. Connect to servers designated for China Users. Their dedicated apps work well on all platforms and I got decently fast connections if I connected to the US Los Angeles or Hong Kong servers, which are specifically optimized for China users.

Will Synology VPN keep you secure in China?

With no previous indiscretions in its past and with the promise of keeping your private data safe, this VPN has attracted plenty of loyal fans. You will even fail to access the New York Times in China! The easiest way to bypass the Great Firewall is to make use of a VPN service. Mostly, VPNs get flakey and require consistent re-connections to different servers; height of frustrations. Here’s why you need a VPN in China. ExpressVPN unblocks Netflix and other popular content platforms. A recently-added “TrustedServer” feature keeps all sensitive information in RAM, never to be written to a server’s hard drive. However, it is possible to watch Netflix in China with a VPN.

  • And download the VPN app of your choice as quickly as possible.
  • However, many provider sites are blocked in China and only accessible if you already have a VPN installed.
  • Although a few years ago you could still use some of the free VPNs to bypass Internet blocking in China, since 2020, the Chinese government became much tougher on blocking VPNs and the free VPNs are the first victims of this VPN crackdown.
  • Its VPN services is fast, reliable and work well in China.
  • You can't choose servers with this one, and it will redirect your traffic through a random country, but you get what you pay for.

Can I use a Free VPN for China ?

When testing a VPN, you should test it on both your computers and mobile devices. If you have any VPN suggestions or questions we would love to hear them — just drop us a line in the comments section! There’s only so much that a VPN can provide for security, accessibility and privacy. Have you had this problem previously with your Lenovo tablet? 180+ locations, 140+ countries. This practice is unusual, but may put some people off, particularly in a country where there is believed to be a lot of surveillance. AC to avoid the firewall.

Kodi17.6 Download and Install Guide: How to Download and Install Kodi...

In this article, I’ll share with you the 5 best VPNs for use inside China. Entails solid security and features like SmartPlay technologies for accessing geo-restricted platforms like Disney+. When using the app, only connect to servers on that list. In order to access these blocked networks, people need to use VPN (Virtual private network) in China. All that is great but you also get peace of mind thanks to a 30-day money back guarantee. Surfshark’s Servers (Near China): The most-visited sites are blocked!

Also produces high speeds and unlimited bandwidth. Interestingly enough, some users have reported that they can access Google plus in China without a VPN service. Download ultrasurf, allowing you to choose the language you want by replacing it from the Settings page. The VPNs on my list are user-friendly and intuitive, so you’ll have a stress-free experience even if you’re new to VPNs. – Carefully choose your port numbers: CONNECT TO 70+ COUNTRIES: Excited to share it with your friends and family you go to Instagram or Facebook.

It’s not reliable for streaming on any sites other than YouTube and Kodi, but it can unlock Google, social media apps, and WhatsApp. Best free vpns for mac: vpn services review in 2020. This depends mainly on the efficiency of your banking operations. All in all, ExpressVPN is the best and fastest VPN if you are travelling or living in China. Do you use WhatsApp to chat with friends/family? It would be nice if you could tell us how fast your VPN is going so we can aggregate this information for all our readers. Millions of people work to implement the censorship and surveillance by filtering what is deemed to be harmful content and violations on the internet. It's no wonder that VPNs are so popular in China - while the 'Great Firewall of China' is starting to look less imposing than it once was, there's still massive blocking in place for residents of (and visitors to) China. Since there is a fairly small server network, it’s a good idea to contact customer support before your trip to ask exactly which servers offer the most reliable connections in China.

What I don't like about WannaFlix

🛑 How does China block VPNs? I was turned on to VyprVPN about 4 years ago and have been incredibly impressed with the transparency of the company (just compare their about page with any other VPN). Here’s the thing about the relationship between China and VPNs – every year China making changes that affect the landscape of VPN use within the country.

Many websites and services are blocked in China. 23/month for two years, but the seven-day money-back guarantee has terms and conditions attached. And not yours. However, buying the first one that Google throws in your direction may result in disappointment.

Guys, I'm in China,I must use VPN, stop blocking me! ExpressVPN is a great worry-free option thanks to its AES 256-bit encryption over OpenVPN UDP which is all backed up with a kill switch. It can get tricky trying to install a VPN on your phone or mobile device once you’re already in China, so check the available China VPN options before getting there. Top 6 best vpn with free trial according to reddit in 2020. 33 per month for the yearly plan. Besides the best VPNs for China that we recommended above, we have also tested and reviewed a number of other VPNs from China, including but not limited to: But, with a China VPN, you can switch to some virtual location to access your favorite content. Others, like the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal, are blocked because they are labeled “western media”.

VyprVPN | Dedicated China Connection Protocol

This video explains how VPNs work and best practices for choosing a VPN in China. You've probably heard that Internet access can be a little tricky in China, with the websites you're used to using at home not being accessible in China. You need to have a good and reliable VPN service to bypass China’s Internet blocking. I’ve often described the relationship between the Chinese government and VPN providers as one that is always fighting a war of attrition. Several such services are ProtonVPN, Windscribe, and TunnelBear, albeit the latter two have limits on how much data users can transfer per month. Our research tells us that such tactics are mighty effective.

  • If this sounds like you and you too are facing this problem; then join hands with us and follow us this till the end of this guide.
  • VPN for China is useful since you can appear to be in Paris, Amsterdam, London or Madrid while you’re actually physically in Beijing.
  • The military-grade AES-256-bit encryption is probably the best encryption, so you need to keep that in mind when looking for what is the best option still working.
  • StrongVPN also ticks that box we mentioned above by offering excellent 24/7 customer support which is important if you're stranded in China and not sure how to get online.
  • We suggest opening up a Microsoft web email account as it is not blocked in China.
  • These server have peering with China Telecom and China Unicom.

Features A Best VPN for China Must Offer

Download an APK (Android Package Kit), a type of file used by Android to open and read apps (using Yahoo or Bing to do the search). ExpressVPN has a huge network of 3000+ servers in over 90+ countries, including many locations around Mainland China. It stops anyone tracking your activities and infecting your device, and also improves speeds because there’s no need to wait for ads to load on the page. Most people know that Facebook and Twitter are blocked in China. With a VPN, Export works. They are, for all practical situations, useless. Their innovative VPN-Proxy technology is certainly great progress in the fight against internet censorship, and I look forward to further updates to their app in the future. ExpressVPN’s Features:

Check out our full review of VyprVPN here. A couple of months ago, many media reports revealed that the Chinese government had started to ban VPN services available in China. China claims sovereignty over Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau but the Great Firewall is not in effect in those places. Without this obfuscation mode turned on the app will be very slow or totally unreliable in China.


It employs 256-bit encryption with perfect forward secrecy and apps come with built-in leak protection and a kill switch (desktop only). That third function is the main reason people buy VPNs when they go to China. It also leaves Chinese social media platforms alone.

We use the VPNs recommended by me almost every day. Base on our China VPN tests, we report which China VPNs work well and recommend the best VPNs for China. If privacy and security while in China are your major concerns, then Surfshark lives up to that requirement, too.

The four VPN offer good connection speeds : Such as posting negative news about the government on Twitter or something like this. Therefore, it allows getting around the Great Firewall in both directions. It has apps for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android so no matter what your platform of choice, ExpressVPN has you covered in China. ”Information Sources: Hide and keep safe all your informations from trackers on the websites and applications with getting behind of our VPN servers.

WannaFlix Special Offer

They have optimizations for China, including a recently rolled out Obfuscation for OpenVPN. February 1, 2020: VyprVPN has VPN servers in around 70 countries.

– a good VPN will plug potential DNS leaks to ensure that anonymity is always kept (a DNS leak can destroy anonymity through ‘leaking’ your online activity to your ISP).