The Best Free VPNs for 2020

If you want to be off the map, your best bet is to find the most remote area you can and live a life of solitude without an internet connection. ” If you want a VPN that works consistently with Netflix, IPVanish is not the answer. LogMeIn Hamach Located Free VPN service LogMeIn Hamachi is really a located VPN service which safely connects products and systems, create secure virtual systems when needed, across private and public systems. Clients are capable of guaranteed 2Mbit/s data transfer speed and 1Mbit/s upload speed for every Free PPTP VPN session without any packet loss and incredibly low network jitter provided their very own web connection supports that speed. The free version of Hide. At first glance, VyprVPN gives a simple impression with a user-friendly interface that works on any device.

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  • It usually relies on either Internet Protocol Security or Secure Sockets Layer to secure the connection.
  • Several VPN services offer free VPN add-ons for Firefox, but which one is best?
  • Theoretically, you can use it for free, but in fact, you are forced to pay some dollars for a full-featured version because you just can’t do anything serious due to the low speed or a cutdown feature set.

It redirects all your computer data or network packets with the established SSL tunnel towards the Loki VPN Server serving as Internet Gateway (NAT). The best VPN providers not only provide the best in encryption, but also resilient tunnels that won’t leak your information. You might be able to browse websites which are normally unreachable from your area if you use VPN servers that are not in your area. They also won't be able to see private information like passwords, usernames and bank or shopping details and so on. ⚠️ Are free VPNs safe? You might find that while the service is free, you are actually the product.

Some VPNs will log your usage and sell it off to advertisers, data brokers, or worse as shown by Hola. Its monthly fee for unlimited bandwidth is a middle-of-the-road $12. And, unlike most free VPNs, premium VPNs offer you unlimited data and bandwidth. You will usually need to be open to lower data transfer limits, restrictions on speeds, and limited locations. It supports Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, along with plugins for Chrome and Firefox. 27MB/s from the UK and 6.

Once installed, Hotspot Shield Free VPN is really simple to use and just works, exactly what you want with a free service -- and that applies to desktop and mobile app use. I understand if you’re in a situation where you need the privacy protection of a VPN but can’t afford to spend any money. Rather than selling you online the VPN, Bitdefender also offers an Autopilot system that identifies the best possible connection you can link up with. Because it is a browser extension only, your OperaVPN won’t protect any traffic sent from other browsers or apps. Our description of encryption piece talks about how that works on a technical level, but that’s essentially what’s accomplished.

Short on time? Here’s a summary of the best free VPNs

Doing any of these three things could be illegal in your country and could result in severe penalties. All in all, this VPN performs solidly, has a simple interface and a bunch of locations. In addition to their features and connection speeds, we assessed the capacity and overall user experience designed to protect the user’s online privacy without the need to invest in the service. Cisco rv042g-k9-na small business dual gigabit wan vpn router, installs on your PC via a bootable CD, providing free OpenVPN support and a paid app for IPsec. Reviews of all the following VPNs were conducted on Acer Aspire laptop, with Windows 7 64-bit system, 3 GB RAM. SurfEasy is a Canadian-based free VPN from the same organization responsible for the Opera web browser, and indeed it’s bundled within Opera as an integrated VPN. Their strong encryption contains the AES-256 encryption and tested, open VPN protocols. Activist/Journalists.

  • This is achieved by connecting to different servers on a virtual private network.
  • Perfect click the icon within the tray and then click the connect button.
  • Otherwise, a timestamp of your last activity is also recorded.

Windscribe Free

Check out our VPN deals page (updated weekly) where you can find top-shelf VPNs for ridiculously cheap prices! First, we’ll give you our top 5 best free VPNs in random order. The technology that provides the highest and most stable connection juggles Wi-Fi and 4G to maintain performance at the top level. It’s one of the fastest free services you can hope to find, with support on every major platform and plenty of convenience features like browser proxy plugins.

Explore our Betternet review to see the full results of our research and testing. Even with its free version, TunnelBear allows you to choose from all of their 23 servers. Additionally, VPN services have enabled the use of anonymous torrents, all of which have led to free versions of VPN services becoming highly sought after in the industry. Speed is the big focus here and the company uses some interesting technology to help keep it fast (and secure). While surfing the web safely can be done on up to five devices simultaneously, the limited amount of data in the free version adds some twists and turns to the user experience. Some services are weaker on privacy, but are significantly easier to use, while others could stand an interface redesign.

In addition, SurfShark’s servers are known to work with international streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and BBC iPlayer. The services will limit the non-paid version compared to their paid version. So, what’s the way out? Keep reading to find out more.

  • They know how competitive the market is and understand that offering some level of free VPN will help attract new users.
  • As a no-logging service, it notes that it has no data to provide.

Hide.Me – Secure and Fast Free VPN

This can be extremely beneficial for individuals using a public Wi-Fi. As we all make non-stop use of internet these days, it pays to use a good and reliable VPN service. Some restrict you to certain servers, meaning you can't jump to a better-performing server, or a server in a particular location.

Wrap Up on Best Free VPN Services

Although it has a 30-day restriction, at least you will be able to access Kodi without any trouble for a whole month. This is a no-logging service, but privacy groups have raised concerns about user activity monitoring in order to deliver targeted advertising. Windscribe offers a real alternative to paid VPNs, but still flounders if you require a good number of locations. Mullvad knows nothing about you, so it can’t hand anything over. GREAT FOR CASUAL USERS: It offers robust encryption, good speeds, and perfect forward secrecy – but no kill switch. You may need to check with your VPN provider to learn which servers to use. It doesn’t restrict its users to access content from anywhere and works well with networks such as WiFi, 3G, LTE or any other mobile networks.

The other setback is that free version is essentially impossible to use. That said, it takes third place for security because of its consistency. 30+ Server locations:

Surfshark (83% Off)

Even worse, during testing, we experienced privacy-compromising data leaks. Is it allowed to download torrents w, p2P is not supported by this VPN. We share and disclose such information only as described below. When using this VPN, you can access websites that might otherwise be blocked on your public network, you can browse anonymously, and your sensitive data is kept secure. It’s important to understand why this is a dangerous catch. Those concerned about their privacy might want to stay away as HotspotShield has been funded by corporates like Goldmann Sachs, and there are concerns about user data being used for advertising – although there is no noted instance so far.

  • Explore our Hotspot Shield review to see the full results of our research and testing.
  • Blocks targeted advertising.
  • Furthermore, this popular VPN service is also equipped with advanced features like DNS leak protection, Kill Switch, dedicated IP, and the ability to pay using cryptocurrency.
  • In addition, PureVPN was the first VPN service we noted to fully implement the GDPR.
  • In the list below, our privacy experts analyze each of their favorite free VPN providers in detail and explain why they made it into the top 5.
  • Zone offers dedicated Netflix servers for American Netflix, Canada Netflix, and France Netflix.

2 Years

As we have seen above, you do not always have to pay for a VPN service. AES-256 encryption and support for OpenVPN and IKEv2/IPSec protocols will safeguard and disguise your traffic. We tested about a dozen of all the free versions.

  • Obviously, the main feature is the VPN network, but from a privacy standpoint, it offers some great additional tools.
  • Fortunately, ever since Virtual Private Network (or VPN for short) came to the picture, the average web user has not had to think twice about every step they take.
  • Enjoy private surfing and gain your access to a global variety of videos and TV shows.
  • Understanding the rules of strict data retention and snooping laws in various countries, VPNBook plays a smart role by eliminating to place their free VPN servers there.
  • Personal VPNs are becoming increasingly popular as more of our everyday life transitions to the web.
  • Enjoy streaming movies with the best VPN for Netflix!

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Your name, IP address and location are not there. This means the company doesn’t insert ads or tracking cookies into your browsing sessions to generate revenue. Webroot's VPN is also light on protocols. Additionally, the provider has a very strict no-logging policy, which means your information won’t be logged. And this is real, the only VPN without bandwidth limitations. Are there any bandwidth limits? It is 100% free and comes without bandwidth limitations.

Now, to drawbacks. Even subtitle files can hack your device! There’s a 2GB/month limit on the free plan, but with multiple server support. All those aspects helped it come first in our best VPN for cloud storage piece. Despite having so many, NordVPN only has presence in 60 countries. It is an excellent option at a great price though, offering a superb 6 simultaneous connections. There are no data logs or ads when using it. If you're new to VPNs, you can get up to speed quickly with our handy guides for beginners:

How to choose a VPN service?

Unit Converter

Also, No connection or traffic logs are stored and therefore you shouldn’t be worried about any logs being stored. A good example of a great VPN that costs little, is Surfshark. Fortunately, there are some reliable options if a free VPN is really what you are looking for. In this case, the best approach is to opt for one ofthe reliable paid VPNs. Other providers may keep records for a few hours, days, weeks, or even months. Without the paid version, free users are limited to just 2 features which don’t even cover what dot VPN has to offer. This has now changed, however, after NordVPN released a new deal.


If you’re among the users who are comfortable with tinkering with their systems, go ahead with trying out VPN Gate. Further, free users can only choose among the Netherlands, the US, and the UK as their preferred faux locations, which means privacy might be avante-garde. Still, Betternet does a good job covering the basics when it comes to security.

Strong Privacy and Encryption, Supports Torrenting, Generous Data Allowance

Also, unlimited data coverage does not evenly support streaming services or torrent quality, although these services work seamlessly in the paid version. VPNs come in at your initial connection and encrypt the data you’re sending to it. Using torrents is the number one way to download pirated material including movies, TV shows, music, and games. If you want to learn more, read our Windscribe review or sign up for a free trial to see how you like it. Free users don’t even have a video or streaming or even a peer to peer download. Some people may ask – is it possible for one to see and use a completely free VPN with great features?

As they sustain their high-security privacy their speed is a winner already. ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and VyprVPN all offer a 30 day money-back guarantee, as well as live chat support. Its location in the British Virgin Islands has some of the best privacy laws in the world, and ExpressVPN carries the government’s attitude to its VPN service. In this article, we’ve tried to include what we think are the best free VPN services available to users. Netflix (read our full review).

Hotspot Shield Free VPN

This VPN service offers users 2GB of free data per month with server locations restricted to five countries such as the Netherlands, Canada, the United States East and West as well as Singapore. Apps are user friendly Cons: So, if you’re in search of the best non-paid providers in 2020, we’ve compiled them for you here. Of course, free service has its limitations, one of them being only three locations (Netherlands, Canada, Singapore) available. If you’re looking for a reliable free VPN you should always go with a premium service that also offers a free service. And on this page, you'll find our pick of the best free VPN options available to download today. Free trial VPN services might be a better alternative.

PIA also has a strict zero-logging policy and comes with support for macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. 💰 How do free VPNs make money? Can I get a free VPN for Windows or Mac? Windscribe offers up an interesting alternative to paid VPN services as it doesn’t really follow these unwritten rules of a free VPN. Despite such important pros, VPN Gate still lacks to pull in the major ones in their features. We’ve tested every provider here to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. Additional devices such as game consoles can be configured for Surfshark via DNS settings.