25 Best Free VPN Services that are 100% FREE, Secured

But it turns out they're selling you short. Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, Kodi, and more. Number of countries:

However, it will cost you $8. 88, but as you can see, you can get an entire additional year for less than 10 bucks if you sign up for its two-year plan. Of course, these services have limitations in terms of bandwidth, speed, security, support, number of servers and overall performance. Its servers are located in more than 15 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan. Licensing/distribution issues from production houses force Netflix to impose content limitations and a ban on VPNs to prevent the bypassing of geo-restrictions. VPNs are useful for many purposes beyond protecting your online privacy and providing security, too, which we’ll outline in the sections below.

Do you intend to use the VPN for streaming? However, remember that most free services including Zenmate and KeeNow may not be that consistent. This makes it impossible for anyone to know what you are doing. They've become increasingly popular over the past few years, and for good reason. 5GB by promoting TunnelBear on Twitter.

But there is a drawback to it, too. They do indicate that their paid version is more secure than their free version, however. It is also arguably the best VPN for streaming in general, providing access to all major services and streaming sites. Do I need to buy different VPNs for all my devices? RusVPN grants free and unlimited VPN extensions for browsers, which, along with streaming services support (e. )

By clicking it we access the free interface. Check our list of the best paid VPN for unlimited Bandwidth. Only the best VPNs can give you speeds that are comparable to your normal connection.

  • Next, we asked Redditors to vote for the VPN service they deemed top-notch when it comes to performance and streaming.
  • You get enough time to decide whether you wish to continue or cancel.
  • What is the result of this ?
  • StrongVPN is also fairly affordable so that most people can get into it easily.
  • Sometimes it might work, sometimes it might not.
  • All plans are eligible for a stress-free 7-day money back guarantee.
  • Even worse, PureVPN was found to be logging customer data and handing it over to the FBI (US authorities), despite claiming to have a “zero logs policy”.

Free VPNs: Selection Criteria

VPNs take it a step further by allowing us to to use a fake geolocation, thereby allowing us even more access, privacy, and ultimately, connectivity to the outside world. Who should use Private Tunnel? Our one disappointment is that its refund policy is seven days instead of 30, but you can certainly get a feel for its excellent performance in the space of a week. While the best VPN providers like ExpressVPN put a lot into making sure that they are always available to attend to the needs of their customers, the same thing can’t be said about free services. The macOS Mojave is here and offers more features than ever before.

  • In addition to VPNs for desktop computers, VPNs for smartphones are becoming increasingly more popular.
  • (96Mbit/s) from a UK endpoint and 7.
  • The result is that Hotspot Shield users can unblock content in 15 countries for free!
  • Moreover, it has 256-bit encryption that creates a tunnel and keeps your data protection under the tunnel.
  • The free version can only be used on one device at a time.
  • A VPN prevents connection throttling in this manner by preventing your ISP from detecting what type of online activity you’re engaging in.

Using a VPN to Change Location

While the data has no extension periods, you can claim rewards by inviting your friends and encouraging them to sign up for the paid plan. It’s handy in that it’s provided as a single block of data that you can use at any time, but TunnelBear’s maximum of 1. Most comparison sites urge consumers to stay away from them. Can I use a free VPN for unblocking Netflix and other streaming sites? IPVanish is also an impressive service in terms of locations. Sprint perks discounts for healthcare employees, uF Health Jacksonville offers ASHP-accredited PGY-1 and PGY-2 pharmacy residencies and a CPME-accredited podiaty residency. 10/month See Details CyberGhost VPN CyberGhost combines usability with unique tools and powerful features. So who is Webroot's VPN for? A dozen languages in settings to choose from.

Windscribe offers 11 servers across various countries to its free users. 27MB/s from the UK and 6. It is, however, a very easy VPN to set up. They have a generous money-back guarantee which allows you to test their service 30 days risk-free. Even if NordVPN doesn’t work out for you, they have a 30-day money-back guarantee. It's good to use when you're facing coverage gaps, internetwork roaming, bandwidth issues or limited battery life, memory or processing power. Speaking of bad ones, the ones that don’t charge end up costing the most.

So, what’s the way out? As many of our readers love the free access to online entertainment afforded by the one and only, Kodi and other free streaming apps, we investigated the best VPN services for streaming free movies and TV shows online. They also have thousands of servers located in scores of countries, ranging from Albania to Zimbabwe. A good FireStick VPN is the one that doesn’t require you to contact the customer support. Browser extensions protect users of the Chrome and Firefox platforms. They want to get you on the VPN service and use your data to make money. VyprVPN has a great selection of servers around the world, although not as large as ExpressVPN or NordVPN.

  • And, that’s not confined to Netflix.
  • They contain too many ads.
  • With a VPN, you can watch any content from anywhere in the world simply by choosing a server based in that country.
  • Because of these reasons, we strongly recommend that you go with a paid VPN service.
  • HidemyAss is popular among people who look for a free VPN.

Hotspot Shield – Torrent-Friendly VPN

Google caches IP addresses, which can reveal your actual location. In contrast with some VPN providers, TunnelBear can be used for free and for a long period of time because it is not a free trial version but a free package. Rather than offering a traditional monthly subscription package, you are instead provided with 200MB of non-expiring data to use as you want. Each of my recommendations is ranked based on its combined results on security, speed, usage limits, and reliability. While its monthly pricing of $11. Apart from additional safety and security features to enhance your protection, you'll also get access to loads more geo-blocked content.


You can also expect to see plenty of ads with your free account. PureVPN is not the best choice to use with Netflix, mainly due to performance problems. Quite recently, however, it was able to unblock everything in our tests, including the Netflix and Hulu apps. VPN Security VPN security boils down to two main topics:

IOS Android Money-back guarantee: We’re basing this section more on the privacy laws in the countries where the providers are located than anything else, decreasing the risk of personal data falling into the wrong hands. Even those using high-strength encryption can be dangerous. Like it or not, websites and government agencies across the world are data-hungry machines that want to know every detail about you, whether it is to better tailor advertisements to you or do something more nefarious — Minority Report, anyone? The service works perfectly while using torrents but you might have trouble using it if you’re located in countries which have strict censorship laws, including North Korea, Burma, Iran, Saudi Arabia, China, Syria, Egypt etc.

You can use ProtonVPN Free on one device at a time, but seeing as it’s free you could theoretically register multiple times with different email addresses. IPVanish – #1 choice in the fastest free VPN for streaming list. ExpressVPN Clear leader for streaming! We share and disclose such information only as described below. Most free VPNs restrict the volume of traffic provided per day or per month. If you are a light user and want to torrent a few files and watch some content restricted in your location, the following are some great options.

P2P Support

It also allows for streaming content from Japan and Korea. Read our in-depth TunnelBear review. Second, if your bandwidth needs are 50GB or less per month, you can sign up for $2. The first impression of RusVPN – it isn’t a free VPN. From targeted ads to promoted content, it seems that no information is private anymore.

It failed to unblock Hulu and Netflix altogether in our tests, despite a support ticket we submitted suggesting otherwise. US, UK, and DE. Here’s a list of VPNs which iPhone and iPad users can benefit from. This is the reason we didn’t include and free VPNs.

What can you expect from the ‘world’s most powerful VPN’ – VyperVPN’s tagline? HotspotSheild VPN & Wi-Fi Proxy. We’re not here to condone torrenting copyrighted content, or deter it, but you should be using a VPN if you’re going to pirate. Countries covered Be it the number of countries or servers, you’ll ALWAYS have a way better choice if you choose a paid VPN. Should you change your mind and decide not to continue with ExpressVPN (which I see no reason why), you can cancel the subscription and ask for a full refund.

For macOS:

IPVanish is actually one of our favorite choices simply because it's one of the easier VPNs to setup, as you download it, log into your account, and then you're ready to connect up to the IPVanish high speed VPN servers. I succeeded in unblocking it for free from the first effort for the US region. Strong security features and allow up to 6 devices to be used simultaneously from one account. Features vary among the top premium VPNs like ProtonVPN, Tunnelbear, NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and CyberGhost. It’s fast, secure and privacy-focused, making it the best VPN for almost any task. Though the tunnel between you and the VPN server may be established, DNS requests, WebRTC information and your IP address might leak, effectively defeating the purpose of using a VPN.

NordVPN users can consult the knowledge base on the company website. Limited to 150MB data transfer per day. In fact, it even offers an extension for popular browsers like Chrome. Even though it is awesome that Windscribe is in Canada and even though they say they don’t log activity – the government can force them to hand over customer data. The problem with using a free VPN to unblock Netflix is summed up with the following rule: Probably, the memorable name plays an important role, or perhaps, a free 7-day trial version. The website in question could retain such information in a cookie or browser cache and continue blocking you even though a VPN is enabled now. Why only US Netflix?

You can either use OpenVPN, the same protocol as in the case above, or L2TP/IPsec protocol with VPN Gate. If you want a free VPN and don't want to be limited on data, then ProtonVPN’s free VPN is perfect for you. 32 per month or $99.

Trials with Premium VPN Providers: Worth Considering

Other free providers even record the websites you visit so they can sell this data to marketing agencies. ExpressVPN has the most popular platforms covered, with native app support for the macOS, iOS, Android, Windows, Amazon Fire TV, Kindle Fire and Linux platforms. Not only is Hotspot Shield Free one of the better known best VPN for streaming on Android options in our rankings, we also reckon it’s the best.

And yes, it also has a full 30-day refund policy. Read our full Windscribe Free VPN review. Now you must be thinking, do I really need a VPN for streaming videos? As for the location to adopt, it is up to you to choose from the 20 countries.

To enjoy unhindered streaming on Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services, make sure you use a premium VPN for Streaming. The service even supports up to seven devices simultaneously, thereby allowing your friends to share in the connection as well. Ultimately, if you're looking for a free VPN for casual use you will find something that meets your needs - just so long as you are happy with the limitations that free VPNs usually come with. Once you exceed that cap today, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow, there’s no possibility to use a monthly cap however you like. But before you make a choice, consider the strong and the weak points of the VPN, and try to find the answers to several essential questions. You can select your region from the general choices of Americas, Europe, or Asia. Simple neat interface with plenty of options in Settings. But there are other places you can turn to online such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation.