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They also provide a free plan which allows accessing most of the features, but with a limited data volume. As mentioned, Phantom VPN works with devices such as mobile phones and desktop computers. Kill switch – This will automatically drop your internet connection if the VPN service disconnects. We wish their website had more information on its implementation. With dozens of servers from around the world that you can readily connect to and unlock content with, combined with unprecedented support for user privacy with years of experience in the field, you definitely need to consider using this phenomenal VPN solution from Avira for all your browsing requirements. You don't need to suffer lagging with every vendor though, especially our #1 recommended vendor,. You’ll find information saying that Avira offers anything from 40 up to 800 servers.

When you connect with Android or Windows, then you’ll be using the OpenVPN protocol. We’ll be putting Avira VPN through a series of tests, one step at a time. That's good, too, but there's another 'but': You can also specify that Phantom VPN should automatically connect when your device is on certain Wi-Fi networks.

  • 24183 Full Version Rar (7.)
  • 99/month, available as an in-app purchase.
  • You can see a white field, in which you are offered to register or login, change your location, some information about the service, settings, and feedback.
  • If you are in a hurry, you can stop by the Answers section and contact the available experts via live chat.

Actually making use of this VPN app on your Windows computer can be accomplished very easily. The website ignores just about every technical detail, not even mentioning the protocols it supports, and instead focuses on the core benefits of a VPN: Over 20 different server sites The Settings feature allows you to specify the location of the server you want to connect to. You’ll also get access to free antivirus software and Avira’s free Scout browser, which blocks unwanted scripts, prevents third party tracking and ensures you always browse the web using a secure connection. Every piece of data you transmit over unsecured networks is encrypted, your IP address is masked, and geo-location restrictions are removed. The service uses the AES-256 protocol to encrypt data transmissions, which is standard.

Privacy Protection

When signing up for the free version, submitting an e-mail address is optional. The other positive aspect for which one could buy Phantom VPN is its speed, and capability of unblocking streaming channels. They have an easy to use interface for all of their custom software with only small differences. Having one or two mobile device, a laptop, and yet another office device; you’d want a VPN that allows you to protect all devices simultaneously without spending more than necessary. AES-256 is one of the best encryption algorithms for VPNs if it is implemented properly. 71 Mbps and upload speeds of 53.

The companies simply don't have an incentive to keep your private data private. Neither plan limits the number of devices that can be connected simultaneously to the VPN service. It is safe to say that the recording of bandwidth use apply only to users of the free version. We went ahead and asked a question in their Community Forum, but are still awaiting a response: This means that if you’re looking for a fully automated VPN service, this one definitely seems interesting. However, when you get into the fine print, you discover that there is quite a bit of data that they keep.

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You can use it on as many devices as you wish at the same time and enjoy unlimited bandwidth. The information was ambiguous, and maybe it’s possible that it’s only for Android and iOS only. If you want a Privacy Australia recommendation, then check out our review of NordVPN. Your IP address is safe. But if you want to choose a country by yourself, you can do it manually.

Avira Setup & User Interface

Available for 1-month trial. Does it unlock Netflix? A company representative told me that Avira does not differentiate between types of traffic. A company representative tells me that Avira Phantom VPN does not track websites you visit, your real IP address, the IP address assigned by Avira, and "any information that can link you to any action. "However, Avira Phantom does not allow you to choose another protocol; and don’t even think of changing the level of encrytion. ” and it will open the servers’ list.

This is actually a very decent tool, good for security as well as activities like torrenting. Beyond that, the company says that they do not track which websites its customers visit or their IP addresses. Avira's Phantom VPN is a complement to the company's antivirus software, although it can easily be downloaded, installed and run as a stand-alone service. For example, Avira Phantom VPN has built a lot of servers worldwide that users can login to optionally. As you can see, the speed values our tests have yielded are far from being impressive and at some points our connection dropped (during the Hong Kong test), so speed-wise, Avira Phantom VPN is not exactly lightning-fast, but not a slowpoke, either. In fact, it wasn’t ‘better’ at all. Best free vpn for torrenting, if you are going to use a VPN, more power to you. It secures your connection, anonymize your activities, and free up the.

  • The search bar is helpful, and it’s always nice to see server ping.
  • It is also known as the VPN software with the best connectivity to streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO and many more.
  • The company says it’s important for their “communications to be able to differentiate the two.

Expert Recommendation

One of the main disadvantages, that I have found about its free version is that there is no kill switch. Because in most cases the speed with VPN depends on the speed of your Internet connection and the power of the device. When you first see the dashboard, you’ll notice at the bottom it says “Virtual location: What is a VPN? You can also have the app prompt you when you make a connection to an unsecured Wi-Fi network. Best vpn for linux in 2020, on top of that, it doesn’t disclose its logging policy. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase. Speed tests will be carried out on Netflix’s fast.

You can be sure that while browsing you will not be leaking DNS and revealing your true location. At least they’re pretty transparent about what they do and don’t collect, right? This may not be the best location in terms of data protection, but it is far better than the US. It works in other countries but not in China. Tapping on the menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the upper left of this screen will open the app’s main menu. That alone makes Avira a remarkable value and an excellent value for any home with numerous devices.

We did this same cat-and-mouse game with Avira, but were pleasantly blown away by the results. 00, helping you save 37%. You even do not need to use the number of your mobile phone or e-mail address. Phantom VPN is a new service that has been provided by Avira, a well known online security software provider that is located in Germany and the United States. To subscribe, you have to shell out $78 for a one-time payment. Besides, the functions of paid and free VPN plans are different:

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The data they collect can be used to inform you about various upgrades, products (new and existing alike), offers and other types of information. Sadly, Avira Phantom VPN also installs a general Avira Software Manager, which really acts like bloatware. What is the best vpn for china in march 2020? (+ my vpn strategy). This is the type of privacy to look for with a VPN. This is to be expected because of the extra overhead incurred by encrypting all of your Internet traffic.

There’s also Google Chrome, as Avira is offering a recently released Chrome extension. The app shows all of the server locations and their latency. There was some loss of speed when using their service. It's also open-source and has been picked over for vulnerabilities. After the story about Edward Snowden people were frightened in earnest. With strong emphasis on end user privacy, Avira Phantom VPN Pro makes the entire internet your digital playground. However, as you’d expect, you cannot have all the goodies in a free version, not when there is also a paid version in the market. You can’t really be as elusive as a phantom if you are being monitored and/ or a record is kept of your activities.


If you have an account and would like to link it to your device, you can do so by simply clicking the “Register” button in the upper part of the Avira app. The service guarantees free connection to the World Wide Web. Germany’s data retention laws are not as strict as those in the US and other jurisdictions like the UK.

That’s barely enough to cover your work, home, and cell devices.


34 different countries plus 12 US cities. But is their VPN service worth it? This has by default a crippling 500MB/month data cap (plus you get five additional free minutes after hitting the limit, before disconnection), but it doesn't require registration or an email address: We’re sure it’ll meet your expectations. Let’s take a close look at who Avira thinks can benefit from its VPN services:

If all else fails, you can simply leave a message to Avira, for example, under the Avira Support for premium products. Cyberghost vpn review: more than just vpn, an all-in-one security kit. It’s easy to use and offers free traffic of up to 1 GB as nice benefits. The legal documents for Avira Phantom VPN consist of a separate file for VPN itself, Avira EULA, ToS, and Privacy Policy. We all know the US as one of the trickiest locations to operate a VPN.

US & Canada Users

Most of the major cities and locations you can think of are covered. 7 best vpns for iphone (or ipad) in 2020 + how to set up. In the next few years, however, Avira could increase the price, as the user awareness of Avira VPN is growing daily. This is one of the better logging policies we’ve seen. This is very good, as most VPN services limit contact support to email and ticket services. This VPN offers basic features—in fact, too basic that you can also find these same features on other VPNs.

This means that torrenting and P2P file sharing is allowed. You won’t find hundreds of server locations here — Avira’s latest update puts them at 36, with more on the way (or so Avira claims). Like many other VPN casualties under the Chinese government, Avira VPN for China is also martyred. It has the same features and functionality, as well as the same look and feel. You can pay for your service using the following credit cards: One of the main reasons why Avira VPN is so popular and why I recommend it to use is that you can use the Internet anonymously. Download vpn for windows, our VPN for Windows runs so fast, you won't even notice it's there. It enables users to access their favorite content without any geographical restrictions and allows them to surf anonymously.

95 per month – and this plan doesn’t have its annual counterpart. Your own city might not be covered if you’re in a small locale. Read more about the available settings in the Features section of this Avira Phantom VPN review. There are a couple of things you can do from this menu which is shown above. You can use Avira browser extensions for Opera and Google Chrome. 08 Mbps respectively, they deliver a download speed and upload speed of 8. Also, we were unable to contact them as they only provide support to their pro account users, and not to potential users. 2 Crack + Activator Free Download!

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The award winning Avira has set a high bar with some high-quality security products; will Avira Phantom VPN measure up? The interface is quite easy and understandable for all users of different levels of computer literacy and age. The top ten vpn services! Another plus point is the high level of privacy it offers. But if you do want reasonable speeds while using Avira Phantom, you’d be much better off using the nearest server location option.

They are thus subject to the respective laws of those countries.

Ease Of Use And Multiplatform Support

Select a location from the list of servers and you will be automatically connected; you don’t have to disconnect from the current location. While it could be suitable for some, we believe that it’s better to spend your money elsewhere on a product that will provide more bang for your buck. Once the client is installed, it is very easy to use.

Think of it like a Plan B for keeping your location secure. We’ve connected to an Avira Phantom VPN server, fired up our torrent client and attempted to download a file from the Internet (legally, of course). However, this also depends on the VPN servers the VPN tool connects with. Avira has not explicitly listed how many servers it operates, but its 27-country presence is smaller than those of top VPN providers. Being used to only a limited number of simultaneous connections, we were rather impressed by this feature.

That way, you could test drive their service before upgrading. Therefore, we can conclude that P2P may be an option, but not with all servers. This is a very generous offer. Inelegant desktop client. When compiling our Avira Phantom VPN review, there were a few things that stood out. It’s not a true zero-logging policy, but it’s good enough. So whenever you connect to them – The VPN encrypts your communications for you, automatically.